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How to stop watery eyes during winter cycling

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One of the hazards of cycling during the winter months is getting your eyes blasted by the wind.

In cold, windy weather, many people find their eyes are constantly watering because of the wind blast which is uncomfortable and can present a safety hazard as it obscures your vision.

You don't need to suffer if you get the right type of winter cycling glasses

The 7eye AirShield range of wraparound glasses have a compressible eye cup that insulates your eyes and the sensitive area around your eye sockets from wind blast, dust, pollution, and pollen.

winter cycling glasses

Described on Facebook by one of our customers as "feeling like a big hug", 7eye AirShield glasses are comfortable to wear and stylish.

They come in a range of sizes and styles to suit most people, and you can buy them with clear, tinted, or light-reactive lenses. All the glasses can also be fitted with prescription lenses if required.

7eye AirShield glasses

So get prepared for cycling throughout this winter. Whether you commute to work by bike, or go cycling in your leisure time, you will increase your enjoyment significantly by investing in a pair of these glasses.

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