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Tips to minimise lens fogging when wearing wraparound glasses

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Any close-fitting glasses and goggles are prone to misting up in certain circumstances.

However, lens fogging is very much an individual thing - some people won't experience it at all while for others it can be a problem.

It seems to depend on factors such as the way a particular style of glasses sits on an individual face shape, the prevailing humidity in the atmosphere surrounding the wearer, and the circumstances in which the glasses are used.

7eye AirShield glasses are designed to help retain corneal moisture and provide a natural way to maintain a healthy and humid atmosphere around your eyes. For this reason they are commonly referred to as moisture chamber eyewear.

The downside of the moisture retaining function is that the risk of lens misting is also increased. In our trials of different brands of moisture chamber glasses over the past 5 years we have found that the 7eye Airshield brand of eyewear generally performs better than other brands as regards fogging.

This seems to be due to design features such as the filtered air vents that allow a small amount of air movement to pass across the lenses, which also have 7eye's own hydrophobic coating on them to reduce the build up of condensation.

These features are normally sufficient to keep lens fogging within acceptable limits, but by following the tips in this article, you can further reduce the likelihood of condensation forming on your lenses.

Choosing which type of protective glasses to buy

Before buying glasses or goggles which you plan to wear with a protective eye cup or gasket, consider which type are most suited to the activities you will be doing when wearing them.

Activities which involve a significant amount of air movement such as cycling or motorcycling may be less prone to lens fogging than if you are stationery or moving slowly, particularly if the latter is associated with strenuous exercise.

In the former case, a close fitting frame with maximum insulated gasket would be a suitable choice, whereas in the latter case, sufficient protection may be achieved by wearing the 7eye glasses with the gasket removed.

We find that this still provides moisture retaining benefit and you can always put the gasket back in when using the glasses outside in cold, windy conditions.

Minimising fogging when using your glasses

When your glasses are in use, you can minimise lens fogging with the following tips:
  1. Ensure the lenses are clean. Always follow the lens cleaning procedure described on the inside lid of your 7eye glasses case. Gently wipe each lens when dry to remove dust, dirt, and smears before putting on the glasses because otherwise condensation forms more easily around the dust particles. Always use the 7eye red microfibre cleaning bag provided to wipe your lenses, (making sure that the microfibre surface is clean and dry before wiping each lens gently).
  2. Do not put eye drops in just before wearing the glasses. Eye drops cause a surge in humidity around your eyes. When you blink the excess moisture in the eye drops may be spattered on the lenses and can be difficult to clean off and act as condensation forming particles. We recommend that you don't apply eye drops within half an hour of wearing the glasses.
  3. Do not wear the glasses too tightly. A small amount of air movement is necessary to avoid fogging, and it will not significantly reduce the effectiveness of wearing moisture chamber glasses. If you are wearing the eyewear retainer to achieve a tighter fit, try loosening the toggle, or using the glasses without the retainer.
  4. Allow the glasses to adjust to changes in atmospheric conditions. Fogging up can just be a temporary problem that happens when the glasses are moved between locations that are very different in temperature or humidity, so give the glasses time to adjust to these changes. For example, when you first get your 7eye glasses out of the case, wait a few minutes before putting them on. The same applies when going from outdoors to indoors when it is cold outside.
  5. Push the glasses a little way down your nose. If the lenses do start to fog up, push the glasses a short way down your nose, away from contact with your face. Slide them back to the normal position when the lenses have cleared.
  6. Try wearing the 7eye glasses with the gasket removed. In our experience, the close, wraparound design of the 7eye glasses means that you can still get a significant improvement in moisture retention wearing them without the gasket. You may find it suits you best to wear the glasses with the gasket just when you need the extra protection, for example on a very windy day.
  7. Bear in mind that changes in humidity in the environment will affect the 7eye lenses as well as your eyes, so in a dry environment such as a house with the central heating on, you will need to wear the gasket to insulate your eyes, yet lens misting will also tend to be reduced by the low relative humidity in the atmosphere!

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