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Enjoy walking on the cliffs without your eyes being dried out in the wind

One of the joys of living in Devon as we do, is the ability to go on regular walks on the South West Coast path.

The trouble with coast path walking is that it always seems to be windy up on the cliffs, and I find that my eyes are soon feeling sore and tired by the constant buffeting by the wind. I know a lot of people suffer from watery eyes when the wind blows, particularly when it is cold, but in my case my eyes feel very dry and irritated.

This was the first time that I was really able to try out my new Ziena Nereus glasses in windy conditions and they certainly proved a great asset. I wore them for most of the day, and my eyes felt much less dry even after a full day out on the cliffs.

It was also the first time that I carried the glasses in a soft eyewear case attached to my belt, which was much more convenient than the zip case when out for the day.

Because the sun's glare was strong on much of the walk, I wore a pair of Visionaries DRX 56 brown polarized clip on sunglasses over my Nereus prescription lenses.


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