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Don't put up with itchy eyes this hay fever season. Get a pair of hay fever glasses!

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If you are one of millions of us who dread those days when the pollen count is high because you suffer from unbearably itchy eyes (allergic conjunctivitis) then there is a simple, but effective remedy - wear specialised hay fever glasses.

Eyewear Accessories is the only company in the UK to specialise in wraparound glasses, sunglasses, and goggles with protective eye cups that act as a barrier to prevent pollen from entering your eyes.

It is well known that wearing sunglasses helps to reduce the problem of allergic conjunctivitis, but fewer people are aware that these special barrier glasses are available, and that they are FAR more effective.

All of the glasses and sunglasses in our range have eye cups or shields that protect your eyes from pollen and all our frames are comfortable to wear. Just choose the style to suit the environment in which you need to get protection. We have protective eyewear suitable for wearing out in the sun, for sports use, travel wear, and for wearing in the office.

Here is a typical comment from one of our customers who found relief from hay fever symptoms by wearing 7eye Airshield glasses:

“Just a note to say how delighted I am with the 7eye glasses. After 40 years of suffering hay fever affecting my eyes I can now enjoy the outdoors in summer and no longer suffer any eye inflammation thanks to these glasses.”

See our range of hay fever glasses

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