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Guide to buying windproof and dry eye glasses

My eyes are super sensitive to the sun's glare. Which lens should I choose?

7eye glasses uk dark lenses for sensitive eyes photophobia glasses

7eye glasses uk

We offer a choice of three different types of dark lenses for light sensitivity to sunshine. But which should you choose?

SharpView Polarised Grey
Choose this lens if you have an eye condition such as dry eye syndrome that has increased your sensitivity to bright sunshine.

Extra Dark Grey
Choose this lens if you are extremely sensitive to sunlight - even on days where the sun is hazy.

DarkShift Photochromic lenses
Choose this lens if you have an eye condition such as dry eye syndrome that has increased your sensitivity to bright sunshine and you are looking for a darker light-reactive lens than...

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Free expert advice from our Dry Eye glasses specialist

7eye AirShield uk 7eye UK dry eye glaaes dry eye glasses consultant dry eye glasses Exeter dry eye glasses uk dry eye showroom Eyewear Accessories John Waddington moisture chamber glasses consultant moisture chamber glasses fitting service Ziena UK


Our experienced Dry Eye Glasses specialist can give you free fitting advice in any of the following ways or a combination of them, whichever suits you.

Find out more about our specialist's background and experience

Free half hour consultation at our dry eye showroom

We are happy to offer you the opportunity of visiting our showroom near Exeter to try on different glasses. We stock a wide range of 7eye AirShield, Ziena Eyewear, and Body Specs glasses for you to try on.

If you are within easy travelling distance of us this may be your preferred...

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We've expanded our 7eye AirShield and Ziena Eyewear ranges to give you more choice

7eye Churada 7eye Warrior Eyewear Accessories Eyewear Accessories Ltd moisture chamber glasses light reactive moisture chamber glasses photochromic moisture chamber glasses polarised Ziena Kai

We have increased our range of lens and frame options for our moisture chamber glasses.

Eyewear Accessories sells 7eye and Ziena brands of eyewear only with high performance 7eye SharpView lenses. They guarantee optimum optical clarity and maximum UV protection. These lenses are also shatterproof and anti-fog coated.

Which lenses have we introduced?

We have introduced two additional types of SharpView lenses for the 7eye Churada, 7eye Warrior, and Ziena Kai:

Polarised lenses

For people sensitive to bright sunlight, Polarised lenses provide a higher level of glare protection, specifically by diffusing reflected glare from bright or shiny objects.

Light-reactive lenses

Useful if you...

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Why I started wearing moisture chamber glasses

Hello, my name is John. I am one of the Directors of Eyewear Accessories Ltd, our family business specialising in Dry Eye glasses.

This is a photo of me wearing my Ziena glasses.

John wearing his Ziena Kai glasses

I write this blog based on my experiences with dry eyes. Many of you reading this article will have talked with me on the phone over the years or communicated with me via email.

I know what it feels like to have dry eyes

As a sufferer from dry eye syndrome myself for many years, I understand what it feels...

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Now is the ideal time to buy moisture chamber glasses from us

7eye AirShield UK Eyewear Accessories Ltd moisture chamber glasses where to buy moisture chamber glasses Ziena Eyewear UK

If you live outside the UK, there's never been a better time to buy 7eye AirShield sunglasses and Ziena Eyewear.

With the pound being at its lowest level since 2015 against the Euro and other major currencies, our glasses and sunglasses have never been more affordable for our international customers.

7eye Panoptx moisture chamber sunglasses

Buy 7eye AirShield or Ziena Eyewear at rock bottom prices

What's more, we have kept prices at 2015 levels for most products, so no wonder our 2019 prices represent excellent value.

If you've been thinking for some time about whether to buy moisture chamber glasses...

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