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Guide to buying windproof and dry eye glasses

Enjoying the sunny weather but hating the Dry Eyes that is causes?

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As a dry eye sufferer myself, I know that the summer months can be uncomfortable, especially when the weather is hot, sunny, and the air is dry.

hot weather causes a problem for dry eye sufferers

Whatever you are doing outside, whether sitting in the sun, walking, cycling, or gardening, the constant feeling of dry, sore, gritty eyes can get you down.

dry eye patient

And when you are inside, travelling in your car, train, or aeroplane, or inside the office, theatre, or supermarket, you are blasted by air conditioning that also dries your eyes out.


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Do you suffer from itchy, streaming eyes when cycling in the hay fever season?

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If you are a keen cyclist, you will know that your eyes can be particularly prone to pollen. A large amount of pollen is blown into your eyes as you cycle, and it is at its worst in the early morning and late afternoon.

You don't have to suffer any more in the hay fever season with itchy, sore or streaming eyes if you wear 7eye AirShield glasses or sunglasses when you are cycling.

7eye AirShield glasses keep out the pollen while you are cycling

Which are the best hay fever glasses for cycling?

The best in the 7eye AirShield range...

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Body Specs wraparound sports glasses offer the cyclist excellent value and versatility

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Wraparound sports glasses with interchangeable non polarised lenses

Body Specs wraparound sports glasses are popular with cyclists for several good reasons.

Well wrapped lenses help block out wind and dust

The combination of wraparound lenses that go right round your temples, together with interchangeable dark, clear, and yellow lenses adds up to a useful package, at a competitive price of only £34.99 plus £4.99 delivery.

While they do not block as much wind as our 7eye wraparound glasses with AirShield gasket, these sports glasses nevertheless achieve a good compromise between peripheral vision and moderate wind...

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What are the two best ways of preparing for the hay fever season?

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With temperatures set to soar this weekend, it is predicted that the grass pollen count will be very high. If you are prone to hay fever, you can expect to suffer increasingly from itchy and sore eyes, blocked or runny nose and bouts of sneezing.

grass pollen count is becoming high

There are lots of hay fever treatments available; many of the commonest involve taking antihistamine medication or steroid nasal sprays.

There are, however, two drug-free treatments that are very effective. They have been singled out by The Times as the best ways to protect your eyes and nose...

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Introducing the Kai - the new smaller frame from Ziena Eyewear

Hay fever glasses Kai glasses Moisture chamber glasses for small adults Moisture chamber glasses for women Small moisture chamber glasses Ziena Kai

Eyewear Accessories are delighted to introduce the new Ziena Kai - the much anticipated smaller model of moisture chamber glasses from Ziena Eyewear.

The new contemporary unisex design makes the Kai look like normal spectacles

In appearance, the Kai is more streamlined than the Nereus. Ziena Eyewear have refined the design so that the frames are thinner and lighter and the appearance is less heavy looking.

The style is equally on trend in terms of mens' and womens' eyewear fashions.

Kai moisture chamber glasses look good on women

The Kai is a closer fit than either...

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