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Guide to buying windproof and dry eye glasses

The silent culprit behind many a dry eye

central heating dry eyes dry eyes central heating

If you are prone to suffering dry eyes, the autumn and winter months can be one of the worst times.

The silent culprit in exacerbating many seasonal dry eye problems is central heating.

Once it gets cold enough that you need the heating on all day, the atmosphere in your home becomes very dry.

central heating radiator

This results in your eyes drying out as the water in your tears evaporates, until you experience a gritty feeling, or a feeling that there is a foreign object in your eye.

woman suffering from dry eyes

So what can...

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7eye vs Body Specs - we compare the strengths of two leading brands of windproof glasses

7eye AirShield 7eye glassees UK Body Specs Body Specs glasses UK review of 7eye glasses which is better 7eye or Body Specs

If you are looking for windproof glasses or goggles, you will see that we sell 7eye AirShield and Body Specs brands.

Here we assess the relative strengths of each brand to help you make an informed decision as to which will be best for your needs.

How do the two brands fare on key criteria?

Wind protection

Here the 7eye brand with its thick protective AirShield is the clear winner.

If you suffer badly from sore or watery eyes in winter time, or dry eyes in the summer, then we recommend that you go for the 7eye AirShield brand.


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Looking for a UK stockist of older 7eye or Ziena products such as the Briza or Churada?

7ey Maestro stockist UK 7eye Briza stockist UK 7eye Buran stockist UK 7eye Churada stockist UK 7eye Marin stockist UK 7eye Rocker stockist UK Ziena Oasis stockist UK Ziena Seacrest stockist UK

As the UK's distributor for 7eye and Ziena glasses and goggles, Eyewear Accessories is in a unique position to source products from the manufacturer that we no longer hold in stock.

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Love walking but hate the wind? Wear 7eye AirShield glasses and put the enjoyment back in walking

For anyone who enjoys walking, the arrival of cold Autumnal winds comes as a bit of a shock. It's time to don your fleece, woolly hat and windproof jacket so you can brace yourself against the wind.

Do you put up with your eyes watering in the cold?

That's all good to cover up your body and your head, but what about protecting your eyes? Do you put up with your eyes watering in the cold, or your eyes feeling sore and dry, and the sensitive skin around your eyes feeling chilled and windblown?

Walking outdoors in Autumn and Winter doesn't need to...

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Eyewear Accessories makes it easier to buy with our free returns offer

Eyewear Accessories Returns

Our advice has always been to try two different pairs of glasses because that maximises the likelihood of you finding one that is the ideal fit for you, and therefore gives the most effective result.

Now we've made this simpler and more attractive with our free returns offer:

  • If you order two or more pairs of 7eye, Ziena, or Body Specs glasses together in a single order, we will pay the cost of you returning one of the pairs to us for a refund.
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