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Guide to buying windproof and dry eye glasses

What are our top selling cycling glasses for keeping out the wind?

best cycle glasses for wind best cycling glasses wind protection

Here are our current top selling products for cycling wind protection, ranked in terms of their user benefits.

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Choosing the best sunglasses for wind protection

best sunglasses for wind protection cycling glasses wind protection golf glasses wind protection sunglasses wind protection wind protection glasses wind protection sunglasses wraparound sunglasses for wind protection

Eyewear Accessories Ltd offers a unique range of wraparound sunglasses and goggles with a choice of 3 alternative levels of wind protection depending on your requirements throughout the year.

This article explains how to choose the right level of protection for your needs.

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Enjoy being outdoors without having your eyes blasted by the wind

7eye AirShield 7eye AirShield sunglasses contact lenses dry eyes contact lenses on safari dust protection for eyes Glasses to stop the wind sunglasses for contact lenses wearers windproof sunglasses wraparound sunglasses for dry eyes

If you're spending time outdoors this week, whether it is for walking, cycling, hill climbing, sailing, bird watching, playing golf, or just being by the sea, you're probably finding that the strong and gusty wind blasting around your eyes is reducing your pleasure of being outside, and making your eyes tired and sore.

windy day

Wearing AirShield sunglasses feels like a warm hug to the face

It needn't be like this! Whatever your outdoor pursuit and whatever the weather, wearing sunglasses with AirShield wind protection feels like a warm hug around your face. It transforms the...

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How the world's most effective glasses for dry eyes just got better

allergy glasses computer glasses dry eyes dry eye glasses dry eye relief dry eyes computer glasses for dry eyes moisture chamber glasses moisture chamber spectacles nereus verona ziena computer glasses ziena eyewear ziena glasses Ziena SeaCrest

Ziena Eyewear, the designers of the world's most successful glasses for relieving dry eyes, have recently introduced two significant design enhancements to their range.

Adjust the fit of the moisture chambers to maximise relief from dry eye and allergies

The first is the addition of adjustable nose pads to their popular Nereus, Verona, and Seacrest moisture chamber glasses.

ziena glasses with nose pads

The nose pads enable the wearer to adjust the way that the moisture chambers fit around their eye sockets and temples, to achieve the most effective relief from dry eye and allergies.

Whereas with earlier models...

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Suffering from itchy eyes due to pollen? Great value protection from Body Specs sunglasses

dry eye sunglasses glasses to stop itchy eyes Glasses to stop the wind goggles for dry eyes hay fever glasses hay fever itchy eyes hay fever sunglasses hayfever itchy eyes hayfever sunglasses how to stop itchy eyes from hayfever itchy eyes hay fever itchy eyes hayfever itchy eyes sunglasses moisture chamber sunglasses sun dries out my eyes

Suffering from itchy eyes due to pollen but looking for hay fever sunglasses on a limited budget?

Try these new wraparound sunglasses with protective gaskets from Body Specs. They offer great value at £39.99 plus delivery and will help reduce symptoms of dry eyes too.

hay fever sunglasses

protective gasket blocks pollen

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