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Guide to buying windproof and dry eye glasses

Love cycling but hate the wind?

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If, like me, you enjoy cycling every day, then you will know how strong, blustery winds can significantly reduce your enjoyment of being outdoors. 

The wind either makes your eyes dry and sore, or irritated if dust gets into them, or the wind makes your eyes water constantly.

Bike shops do not sell not truly windproof glasses

The cycle clothing that you can buy from specialist bike stores has advanced significantly in the past decade, meaning that you can protect your body comfortably and effectively from the elements.

However, the big gap in bike stores is the availability of truly windproof eyewear....

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Wearing my windproof glasses means I can enjoy gardening even in gusty Autumn winds

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Autumn brings a lot of clearing up jobs in the garden, from trimming shrubs to sweeping up leaves. The trouble is that your enjoyment of being out in the garden can be affected significantly if the weather is cold and windy.

While you can cover up with windproof clothing, your eyes often remain unprotected.

When they are constantly being battered by strong and gusty winds, your eyes can either feel dry and sore, or can water profusely.

Frequently in gusty weather, you can find that dust is blown about and it is easy to get a piece of grit in the eyes, which can cause...

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Finding the sun too bright? Try wearing 7eye Airshield sunglasses

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7eye AirShield sunglasses are the must have accessory for the summer.

Whereas normal sunglasses let in glare around the edges of the lenses, 7eye AirShield of sunglasses have a gasket that clips behind the rims which blocks peripheral glare.

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Are your sunglasses letting in glare around the edges?

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With the very bright sunshine and high UV levels currently being experienced, you may be finding that your current sunglasses are letting in glare at the edges.

This can make it uncomfortable to go out in the sunshine, particularly if your eyes are sensitive to glare. 

The best sunglasses for blocking out glare are the 7eye AirShield or Body Specs collection. These sunglasses are not only a close fitting, wraparound shape, but they also have a protective gasket around the inside of the rims that blocks peripheral glare very effectively.

sunglasses to block out glare

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7eye AirShield sunglasses are perfect for model aircraft flying

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If you are a model aircraft flyer you will know that you need a decent pair of wraparound sunglasses to protect your eyes in different weather conditions. The ideal solution for model aircraft enthusiasts is a pair of wraparound sunglasses with a protective gasket.

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