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Wind? What wind? With the right gear on you won't notice it

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It's March, there's a cold wind blowing down from the North, it's pretty miserable out there. But it's good to get outside - to beat the elements by going for your favourite exercise, whether it's a bike ride, a round of golf, or a walk along the sea front.

Okay, so we don thick socks, fleece, a warm coat, gloves, scarf, beanie hat and we set out to brave the weather.

What do we notice? Our core, our arms, legs, feet, hands feel warm and protected. The top of our head and the top of our ears feel warm and cosy, thanks to the hat.

Watering eyes affect our enjoyment of the outdoors

It's our eyes - they're the problem!  They water profusely in the cold and windy weather. And by the time we come home, our eyes feel as if they have been really battered by the strong and gusty wind.

Why is it that golf courses tend to be in the windiest exposed spots! With our eyes producing too many tears, our vision is too blurred to see the golf ball clearly.

And if we have been cycling, we will have experienced even stronger head and side winds caused by our fast movement through the air.

It doesn't have to be like this!

It doesn't have to be like this! The missing item in your outdoor gear is a pair of windproof glasses (or sunglasses).

Put on a pair of 7eye AirShield windproof glasses and your eyes more than likely will stop streaming, they will feel comfortable and protected and you'll say goodbye to the soreness you used to experience after being outdoors in the wind.

7eye windproof sunglasses

walking along the sea front in the strong wind

playing golf in windproof glasses

windproof gasket on 7eye AirShield glasses

Cycling in windproof sunglasses

Man cycling in 7eye AirShield windproof glasses

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