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Is NuLids a game changer for dry eye sufferers?

Like other long term dry eye sufferers, I have accumulated a fair arsenal of self help tools to relieve and manage my symptoms. This has informed which products we have selected to stock in the Eyewear Accessories store. 

A standout product

Over the years there are two standout products that have led to real life enhancing improvements in my dry eye condition.

13 years ago we discovered moisture chamber glasses. Now, 10 years later, we have found another standout product - NuLids.

I have been so impressed by NuLids since starting to use it a month ago, that I have made it available to our UK customers to try for themselves. See NuLids trial.

NuLids device and renewables

Why NuLids differs from other dry eye self help

Rather than simply easing dry eye symptoms, NuLids treatment gets to the root of what is causing most people's long term dry eye problems.

Most dry eye sufferers have a condition called meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD). It causes a reduction in the oily component of your tears, leading to faster tear evaporation.

MGD is at the root cause of 60 to 80% of dry eye conditions, so if you have had dry eyes for some time, it is likely that you suffer from it, even though there may be additional factors that also inhibit your tears (see note 1 below).

What NuLids does is to unclog the build up of waxy debris and film that is blocking your meibomian glands and to stimulate the glands through massaging your eyelids so that more of the oily moisture is produced.

eyelid massage with NuLids

This quickly leads to a noticeable improvement in your eye health. After only 8 days of using NuLids, you should find that your eyes feel much better - more lubricated, less gritty, less misty, and any Blepharitis should be reduced. I certainly found this to be the case.

My eyes felt much better even in the hours between treatments

My most important finding from trying NuLids was that this improvement in my eyes' performance remained with me for hours in between daily NuLids treatments.

I found that as long as I was sensible in limiting my amount of computer use, and wore moisture chamber glasses when my eyes were under particular stress, I did not need to use eye drops at all, throughout the day.

The icing on the cake...

The other reason that for me makes NuLids such a standout product is its sheer convenience. All that is needed for the treatment is 1 minute, once a day, which makes it easy to incorporate into a busy daily routine.

NuLids is also really easy to use and, as it cleans and massages your meibomian glands correctly for you, there is no need to rely on doing it manually, as when using an eye bag or BLEPHASTEAM®.

Finally, NuLids is compact, much more so than BLEPHASTEAM®, making it easy to take around with you to work, or on holiday for example.

Could NuLids help to relieve your dry eye condition?

The level of success I experienced may not be achieved by all NuLids users. Dry eye conditions vary so much, and my own case is relatively moderate.

But as long as MGD is behind your dry eye condition, you should experience a significant improvement in your eye health like I did.

I think NuLids is worth a try if you are suffering from dry eyes and are looking for a self help tool that can really make a difference.

The only thing is...NuLids is expensive. £300 for the device and starter pack. However, I think you will feel that outlay is worth spending if results are really life changing.

Why not trial NuLids?

To make it easier for you to assess whether NuLids can make a difference to you, Eyewear Accessories have introduced an offer where you can try NuLids daily yourself for 10 days.

If after 10 days' use NuLids does not make a positive difference that you are satisfied with, you can return it to us for a refund, less the cost of the renewables that you have used. See NuLids UK trial for more details.

NuLids in storage case

Note 1: See "The mechanics of tear production and what can go wrong"

Note 2: The NuLids carrying case shown above is an optional extra, only available from Eyewear Accessories.

More information

How does NuLids compare with BLEPHASTEAM?

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