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Spend a lot of time looking at digital devices? Our new clip on lenses can make your vision more comfortable

blue light blocking lenses blue light clip ons clip on blue light filters clip on sunglasses for blue light

Displays from digital devices, including TVs, mobiles, tablets, gaming stations and sat navs emit a harsh white light that can be a strain to look at. 

If you wear glasses while looking at digital displays, our latest eyewear accessory - blue light blocking clip on lenses -could be just what you need to make your viewing time experience more comfortable. 

clip on computer lenses

When you put on the clip ons, your view of the screen is softer and the bright blueish white light is replaced by a slightly yellowy tint.

If you are spending at least 4 hours a day using digital devices, your vision comfort can be improved and if you have been suffering from migraine attacks or headache pain, wearing the lenses may reduce your symptoms.

As second use of the new lenses is to reduce the glare from fluorescent lighting, whether it be in the office, library, or sports hall.

Looking at a PC screen through clip on computer lenses

And we believe that there is a third, important use for these lenses - while night driving. They will soften and diffuse the bright white glare from oncoming headlights and your sat nav screen, making your driving experience more comfortable and safer.

glare from car headlights

Eyewear Accessories are currently testing this aspect of the lenses and will report our findings shortly in our blog.

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