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Why it's important to buy optical quality clip on sunglasses

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All types of clip on sunglasses available from Eyewear Accessories Ltd are defined as being of optical quality.

optical quality clip on sunglasses

What does that actually mean and why is it so important?

Optical quality is a quarantee that the clip-ons have been manufactured to stringent quality levels to ensure that

  • there is no distortion when you look through any part of the lenses, so you can see clearly, safely, and comfortably even when wearing them for extended periods
  • the polarising filter of the lens is 100% effective to maximise your protection from reflected and low angle glare.

In addition, our clip on sunglasses:

  • meet or exceed the highest internationally recognised levels for blocking harmful UV, thus giving your eyes the protection they need
  • have a polarising filter laminated between two layers of lens material for durability rather than being a thin polarising film attached to the outer surface
  • are made from quality materials which are assembled carefully to guarantee that the product is robust in use. All of our clip on sunglasses carry a manufacturer's warranty for a year.

      man wearing lip on sunglasses

      So these are five good reasons to buy clip on sunglasses from Eyewear Accessories Ltd, and they explain why we have such good customer feedback about our products:

      I am extremely impressed with your clip on sunglasses. In short they are excellent and excellent value for money.

      “Just got a pair of your copper clip on polarised sunglasses, absolutely marvellous, they  have cut out virtually all of the most annoying and dangerous reflections from my car windscreen. Could not be more pleased - thank you very much.”

      "They are so comfortable to wear and I just wanted to say thank you for producing such a good product.”

      “Hi, I received my order today and I'm delighted with the speed of service and the quality of the sunglasses. The clarity of the lenses is superb!”

      “The quality of the lenses is brilliant and they have transformed the bright days at a fraction of the cost of prescription glasses, and with better advice. I would recommend  Eyewear Accessories to anyone and will certainly shop here again.”

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