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Why I keep one pair of these by my PC and another in the car

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It's one of the most versatile and innovative products that we've introduced in the last 12 months. Yes, I'm talking about our new anti-glare clip on lenses with blue light filter.

Why I keep a pair by my PC

I can clip these lenses easily onto my Ziena Kai to transform them cost-effectively into perfect computer glasses. They also fit over the Ziena Marina as well as most normal spectacles.

The anti-glare coating of these special lenses stops the dazzling glare from the PC screen hurting my eyes, and eliminates reflections from sunlight on the screen. The pale yellow lens colour cuts out blue light, softening the harsh whiteness of the display when I am reading text and numbers on a bright white background.

They also soften the glare of overhead strip lighting and the glare from hand held devices such as mobile phones and tablets.

clip on anti glare computer lenses

Now my Kai glasses not only help to keep my eyes moisturised when I am using the computer, but also the special clip on lenses give a more comfortable and calming viewing experience that reduces eye strain - making them the perfect computer glasses!

Find out more about Ziena computer glasses for dry eye sufferers

Why I keep a second pair in the car

According to government figures, 300 collisions occur every year where dazzling headlights are a factor.

dazzling headlights

I keep a pair of blue light blocking flip ups in my car's glovebox to use during autumn and winter as anti-glare night driving lenses.

I have found them to be the perfect solution for reducing the glare from oncoming headlights at night.

They clip onto most prescription spectacles, instantly softening headlight glare without noticeably dimming the vision (the problem with most so called night driving lenses that you see on the internet).

Being non-polarised, our lenses also reduce glare from sat nav screens and your car's LCD instrument displays without distortion.

anti glare winter driving lenses

I also use them for winter daytime driving

I have also tested these anti-glare lenses successfully for daytime driving in challenging winter conditions.

One of the most dangerous light situations for driving in winter is when full sun is suddenly reflected at a low angle off a wet road surface.

sun on road causing temporary loss of vision

This presents a sudden danger when you stop being able to see any road users approaching you, or any upcoming road features such as sharp bends in the road.

I experienced precisely these conditions last weekend and found that wearing our clip on anti-glare lenses reduced the dazzling effect so that I was able to continue to see the road ahead without using the car's flip down sun visors.

We urge you to try them during the daytime! They do soften the glare that you can experience in the conditions described above.

Note: If you are particularly sensitive to the sun's glare, you may be better going for polarised lenses - either yellow or copper.

If you have any queries

Please email us your query. We will be pleased to help during office hours.

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