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Why buying a pair of over glasses won't do much to keep out the wind

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Over glasses are designed to protect your eyes against glare from the sun, both from the front and the sides. For wearers of prescription glasses they can be a cost-effective solution, although their popularity is reduced by their cumbersome appearance.

However, they are simply not designed for the purpose of keeping out the wind, dust, or pollen.

For effective wind protection, glasses must have a gasket to help seal the gaps

To be effective for wind protection and therefore to relieve problems associated with wind such as dry or watery eyes, glasses must be designed with an integral gasket that rests around your eye sockets, creating a more close-fitting and hence more effective barrier against the elements.

7eye AirShield glasses

The best type of glasses for wind protection are those in the 7eye AirShield range. They have a removable, compressible foam layer that insulates your eyes and the sensitive area around your eye sockets.

Fitting 7eye AirShield glasses with prescription lenses

AirShield glasses all designed to accommodate prescription lenses where required (up to specified prescription limits).

You first need to buy the frames from Eyewear Accessories Ltd (typically around £90 including VAT) and then use Ciliary Blue's service to fit your lenses (around £40 including VAT for a set of single vision lenses).

The initial outlay is more than buying over glasses but the resulting 7eye AirShield glasses will give you much better protection from the elements.

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