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Which are the best clip-on lenses for driving when it's hazy and misty?

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Autumn and Winter frequently bring overcast, misty days when the light level and visibility are low.

If you are driving or cycling, these conditions can be challenging because your view of the road ahead is obscured by mist or spray.

Yellow lenses improve contrast and definition

If you wear prescription glasses to drive or cycle, then it can be a great idea to get a pair of yellow clip-on lenses. They filter out blue light which is the main component of haze.

The result is that your view is enhanced - it's brighter and the contrast and definition are improved. The lenses can also be a great help to your vision if you are playing golf.

These photos show the effect of looking through the optical quality non polarised yellow lenses sold by Eyewear Accessories Ltd.

The hazy view without yellow lenses

view on misty day with obscured visibility

The enhanced view through yellow lenses

light enhancing clip on lenses

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John wearing his yellow flip up sunglasses

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