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What happens to your eyes in a heatwave?

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The current heatwave is breaking all records. Today, many places in the UK are hotter than both the Saraha in Africa and Death Valley in California.

We are not used to coping with such extreme temperatures and it is putting our bodies under stress.

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Why do we seldom hear about the effect of extreme heat on our eyes? 

Plenty of common sense advice is broadcast in hot weather, such as drinking plenty of fluids and wearing cool and loose clothing. But very little is said about how a heatwave affects our eyes and what, if anything we can do about it.

Actually, high temperatures and dry summer winds have a really debilitating effect on our eyes. Simply put, they make our tears evaporate much faster which leads directly to a range of symptoms which are collectively called Dry Eye Syndrome.

Dry Eye symptoms include redness, irritation and a burning sensation. Severe dry eye sufferers may actually produce more tears than normal, but of poor quality so they evaporate too fast to keep the eye lubricated in hot weather.

eye redness associated with dry eye syndrome

Added to these symptoms, high temperatures boost the level of irritants in the air such as pollen and pollutants from vehicle emissions, which may lead to eye allergies such as allergic conjunctivitis.

Dry eye syndrome is the commonest eye problem in most countries, although it gets little publicity.

Perhaps the reason is that many sufferers show few outward signs, those signs are not dramatic like the symptoms of heat stroke, and sufferers just put up with the condition.

Maybe the reason is that there is no actual cure for dry eyes so eye specialists can only offer palliative treatment.

Whatever is the root cause, there is no doubt that dry eye syndrome is often overlooked in the media.

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