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Want to stop your glasses from fogging up? Then this anti-fog cloth is a must have accessory.

AB anti-fog lens cloth anti fog cloth for glasses stop lens fogging when wearing a face mask stop lenses misting up

Up to now, I have been sceptical about the effectiveness of anti-fog treatments but here's a cloth that lives up to its claims.

Stops lenses fogging when wearing a face mask or moisture chamber glasses

Whether you are getting lens fogging when wearing a face mask or when you wear moisture chamber or windproof glasses, an effective anti-fog lens cloth is a must have accessory.

Costing £7.99 plus delivery (£1.99 in the UK) the cloth is easy and quick to use and can be reused over and over again.

Our staff at Eyewear Accessories have tested this cloth rigorously over the last 2 weeks:

  • When going in an out of shops wearing a face mask with our normal glasses
  • When wearing our moisture chamber glasses

Lenses stay fog free for up to 48 hours

We found that as long as you follow the instructions precisely your lenses will stay fog free for up to 48 hours.

Reusable many times

The manufacturer claims that you can use the cloth 1,000 times.

With our testing so far we are unable to confirm the validity of this claim.

However, the cloth can be used multiple times if you ensure that you:

  • only use it on completely clean lenses
  • keep it in its bag between uses

How to use the AB mask anti-fog cloth

  1. Clean your lenses properly (liquid soap and water works well)
  2. Breathe on each lens surface in turn and, before the mist goes away, gently wipe the lense with the anti-fog cloth.

You should now find that fogging up is either eliminated completely at best or at worst that it has been reduced to a level which is workable.

A must have accessory for spectacle wearers

We strongly recommend adding this cloth to your basket when you are buying any of our moisture chamber, windproof or pollen blocking glasses and goggles.

And if you wear glasses all the time, this accessory could make your experience of wearing a mask much easier.

Find out more

Click this link to find out more about our anti-fog cloth and to place your order.

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