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The silent culprit behind many a dry eye

central heating dry eyes dry eyes central heating

If you are prone to suffering dry eyes, the autumn and winter months can be one of the worst times.

The silent culprit in exacerbating many seasonal dry eye problems is central heating.

Once it gets cold enough that you need the heating on all day, the atmosphere in your home becomes very dry.

central heating radiator

This results in your eyes drying out as the water in your tears evaporates, until you experience a gritty feeling, or a feeling that there is a foreign object in your eye.

woman suffering from dry eyes

So what can you do to create a less dry atmosphere that will help your eyes?

  • Try to get used to a lower setting on the heating thermostat
  • Get a humidifier
  • Use eye drops
  • Use an eye bag to stimulate tear production
  • Wear moisture chamber glasses to reduce evaporation and maintain a humid environment around your eyes.

moisture chamber glasses

To find out more about moisture chamber glasses, visit this page or call Eyewear Accessories, the UK's specialists in dry eye glasses on 07999 023 152.

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