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More praise for the Ziena Kai

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Since the Ziena Kai was launched a couple of years ago, we have received many emails from customers saying how much it has helped to improve their dry eye condition.

 Ziena Kai glasses for dry eyes

We were delighted to receive the latest customer feedback which was emailed to us this morning and we would like to share it with you:

"I just wanted to email to say how delighted I am with my Ziena Kai glasses. The fit is superb and protects my dry eyes from the wind. The glasses stop my eyes drying out,...

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Dry eyes can be alleviated by wearing moisture chamber glasses

dry eye glasses Dry eyes glasses for dry eyes goggles for dry eyes moisture chamber glasses

Many people who suffer from dry eyes are reliant on taking regular eye drops to supplement their natural tear moisture.

There are many competing brands all seeking a share of the market in eye drops.

However, as anyone who uses eye drops regularly will know, the cost to the consumer can add up significantly, and overuse of eye drops can cause allergic reactions and other side effects.

There is therefore, increasing interest in the use of Dry eye Glasses as a natural alternative for relieving dry eyes, and for reducing daily reliance on eye drops.

Dry eye glasses...

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Why do people suffer from dry eyes?

dry eye glasses dry eye goggles dry eye treatments Dry eyes dry eyes causes

Dry eyes are suffered by millions of people, for a wide range of reasons.

If your eyes are dry they will feel tired and sore, and they may feel gritty and irritated - symptoms that normally get worse during the course of the day.

As we get older, our eyes produce less tears, so the incidence of dry eyes is prevalent in people aged 50 and over, and is experienced by more women than men.

Dry eyes may be caused by a reduction in the production of tear fluid, or by an imbalance in the tear fluid, for example due to meibomian gland...

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