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Supporting the needs of dry eye sufferers across 57 nations worldwide

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Since Eyewear Accessories was launched in 2009, we have expanded our network of delivery destinations substantially.

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Supporting 4 world leading brands and supplying 57 countries

Including the UK, we now support dry eye sufferers in 57 countries worldwide across 5 continents, supplying the following leading brands:

  • 7eye
  • Ziena Eyewear
  • The Eye Doctor

We are well known internationally for raising the profile of moisture chamber glasses, and for highlighting the role that they can play in relieving symptoms of dry eye, blepharitis, and pollen allergy.

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We use tracked airmail to provide fast, reliable, and affordable delivery to our customers in each continent. We dispatch orders promptly and handle return requests in a customer-friendly way.

With the low value of the pound, our products have never been more affordable if you live outside the UK.

Affordable delivery rates

We provide affordable tracked airmail delivery to all our shipping locations.

Highly rated for customer service

Choosing the right glasses for your needs can be difficult and so we provide support via email to all customers in all our shipping destinations. We receive positive feedback regularly about our service. For example:

"I have, over the years, asked for help from professionals and have only been given drops which didn't help at all but they certainly had no clue that there was such a simple self-help product available. Thank goodness I finally tracked you down online!"

"John's advice on which product would best meet my requirements, and the ongoing service I have received from Eyewear Accessories have been first class. I would recommend this company to anyone looking to buy protective glasses."

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    Our website contains in-depth advice on how to choose the most suitable dry eye, hay fever, and windproof glasses for your needs. Here are some links that will help you:

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