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Suffering from dry eyes in the hot weather? Get instant relief with moisture chamber glasses

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If, like me, you suffer from dry eyes, you'll be suffering much worse than usual in this extremely hot and dry weather.

Your eyes will be drying out much faster, particularly outdoors, and you're probably finding the sunshine far too bright.

It's probably painful to read this blog because your eyes are so uncomfortable. So I'll keep it brief!

You don't need to suffer extreme dry eyes!

Get a well-fitting pair of moisture chamber glasses or sunglasses and you'll notice the difference within minutes.

woman wearing moisture chamber glasses

When you're wearing the glasses, your eyes will feel less dry and sore. The gasket will reduce the glare that enters your eyes from around the sunglasses.

No wonder many of the UK's top ophthalmic specialists recommend moisture chamber glasses to their patients.

There is one important proviso!

Moisture chamber sunglasses have a soft protective gasket fixed to the back of the rims. This is designed to close off the gaps around your eyes, reducing evaporation of your tears.

moisture retaining eye cup on ziena glasses

For the moisture chamber effect to work, you need to find a pair of moisture chamber glasses that fit you closely around your eye sockets.

moisture chamber seal on ziena glasses

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