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Suffering from dry eye pain? Wearing our glasses could improve your quality of life

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If you suffer from dry eyes, you will know how it really affects the quality of your life and your mental health.

dry eyes affects your mental health

Living with painful, gritty, uncomfortable eyes wears you down, leaving you depressed and anxious. The discomfort is always there, whittling away at your sense of freedom and happiness and making it difficult to focus on everyday life issues.

I know what it's like living with dry eyes. Been there, done it, got the T-shirt. That's why I am in a unique position to understand the role that moisture chamber glasses can play in alleviating dry eye symptoms.

The dryness of our eyes varies each day

There are many factors that cause our eyes to become dry. It could be a medical issue, such as Myobium gland disorder. It could be an underlying illness such as Sjögren's syndrome.

Dry eye syndrome is often seasonal, related to the time of the year that the heating comes on or when it is cold and windy outdoors. It could be after a poor night's sleep or during intensive computer work in the office.

It's probably a combination of many of these things. Many factors have a negative effect on your eye health and comfort and yet their relative influence varies from one day to the next and within a single day.

Coping with dry eyes in today's world

Our eyes are affected by many different everyday environments, both natural and man made. If you are a dry eye sufferer, the prevalence of dry atmospheres can make everyday life quite restricted.

Keep warm but suffer dry eyes or stay cold?

For example, living at home during the winter months when the central heating is on becomes a trial: you have the difficult decision of whether to set the heating to a low level to reduce the rate that your eyes dry out, or stay warm but suffer worse from dry eyes.

Travel and shopping can be a nightmare

If you travel by car, bus, train or plane, your eyes will become more uncomfortable due to air conditioning which extracts moisture from the air, making the environment dryer.

The same can be said about visiting the supermarket - there the effect of air conditioning is immediately very noticeable to the dry eye sufferer.

Working all day in an office can be a challenge

One of the worst environments is the modern, air conditioned office.

Dry eyes caused by excessive computer use

A combination of dry air and constant computer use really dries out your eyes. A whole working day in the office can be unbearable for the dry eye sufferer, and can even mean that they have to give up their job.

Had to give up a favourite hobby because of your eyes?

And finally, dry eye syndrome can restrict your leisure activities.

Playing golf, walking and cycling in the cold, winter months can make your eyes feel very sore and they may water profusely, which rather perversely is another common symptom of dry eye syndrome.

Doing these activities in the summer can cause equally frustrating problems. Do you find that your eyes get dry and painful even sitting for a short time outdoors when it is sunny and warm? Do you suffer from hay fever which is also contributing to eye discomfort?

Even watching the TV at home is no longer the pleasure that it used to be - your eyes are tired at the end of the day and when they focus on the screen, your blink rate is reduced, making your dry eyes even worse.

Wearing our glasses can make a big difference to your quality of life

If all the above scenarios are depressingly familiar to you, how about giving moisture chamber glasses a try?

Ziena moisture chamber glasses

Wearing these glasses has been proven in research studies to have a significant, positive effect in reducing dry eye symptoms.

It is a home remedy that can work almost immediately on wearing the glasses. It is non invasive, requires no medication and enables you to cut down or even stop completely the use of eye drops.

Effectiveness proven in research

The following statistics were determined in an influential research study:

  • Reported dry eye symptoms decreased by more than half (57% on average)
  • 30% of patients reported complete elimination of overall symptoms
  • 95% reported improved comfort when driving with 7eye glasses
  • 99% reported a decrease in their overall dry eye symptoms

See more research on the effectiveness of moisture chamber glasses

 Recommended by eye experts

Powerful endorsement for moisture chamber glasses comes from many influential sources, including eye specialists at Moorfields eye hospital and ophthalmic consultants in regional hospitals throughout the UK and Europe.

Moisture chamber glasses are also recommended by various support groups including:

Why not give the glasses a try and see if they work for you?

If you buy your moisture chamber glasses from Eyewear Accessories Ltd you get a 14-day trial without any compunction to keep them.

If you suffer from dry eyes, there is nothing to lose by trying them.

And if you need assistance, in deciding which glasses to try, advice during your trial period, or post-sale customer support, do not hesitate to contact us.

John wearing his Kai moisture chamber glasses

Are the glasses expensive?

Our moisture chamber glasses range in price from £55 to £135. Does that make them expensive?

Maybe, but what price do you put on living with less severe dry eye symptoms? Every day.

Once you've got the glasses, you can wear them in all the situations that give your eyes discomfort - throughout the year. It can all add up to a significant improvement in your life quality.

And on a final note...why not compare our specialist glasses with the cost of some of the most popular brands of wraparound sports eyewear and decide for yourself which offers you the best protection and value for money!

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