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Spotlight on the 7eye Chubasco

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The 7eye Chubasco is the smallest model in the 7eye AirShield range of wraparound sunglasses with a protective eye cup to stop wind, dust, and pollen.

Chubasco tortoiseshell

It may be small, but it packs quite a punch!

The Chubasco is designed specifically for people with small or narrow faces. In fact it is normally the best fitting model in the 7eye AirShield series for people who find that most sunglasses are too wide for their face.

The style of the Chubasco is neutral so it's equally wearable for men and women.

John wearing his Chubasco sunglasses

At 126 mm, its narrow frame width makes it wearable even for many older children (say over 11) and young adults.

The Chubasco is available from Eyewear Accessories with a number of options for lens and frame colour, including Clear, Polarised, and Light-reactive options. Also, its small lens size makes it one of the best models in the 7eye range for accommodating prescription lenses.

7eye Chubasco tortoiseshell

The eye cup is made up of a soft, compressible foam and its surface presents a contoured felty feel which is smooth and comfortable to wear. On this model, the eye cup is not removable, but it has reasonably good longevity if treated well, and the Chubasco has a lower initial purchase cost than other models in the 7eye AirShield range.

Alison wearing her Chubasco sunglasses

Silicone ear hooks are a useful accessory with these glasses

We recommend that you purchase a set of silicone ear grips with the Chubasco as this inexpensive accessory gives you a quick and easy way to adjust the closeness of fit to achieve the best protection and moisture chamber effect.

woman wearing silicone ear grips to hold her glasses in a secure position

The Chubasco gives effective protection from wind, dust, pollen, and glare while at the same time relieving dry eyes. It is equally at home outdoors or indoors (for example to relieve dry eyes associated with computer use).

John wearing his Chubasco glasses for computer use

So if you've been looking for a small size of moisture chamber or hay fever glasses for a teenager or small adult, look no further - try the 7eye Chubasco.

Like other glasses in the 7eye range, the Chubasco is covered by our free returns policy (UK orders only).

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