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Smaller size moisture chamber goggles suitable for kids and small adults

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We are pleased to announce that our range of moisture chamber goggles has expanded further with the introduction of a small model designed for people with smaller or narrower faces and for children.

Called Quartz goggles, they are made by EyeEco and like Eyeseals 4.0 they have separate eye cups made from soft silicone. These eye cups are much smaller than those on Eyeseals 4.0 goggles and the nose bridge gap is narrower.

Quartz sleep masks

The soft silicone eye cups mould around the contours of your face, stopping evaporation of tears and creating a humid environment around your eyes.

Use Quartz as a hydrating sleep mask

Quartz was designed to be used foremost as a hydrating sleep mask and it certainly does an effective job of stopping your eyes from drying out when you are sleeping, resting, or travelling by plane. The soft material headband is adjustable and comfortable for wearing all night.

man wearing Quartz goggles prior to sleeping

For increased moisturising effect, you can put a few drops of water in the eye cups before you put them on.

Use Quartz as an emergency moisture chamber goggle

If your eyes become really dry or sore during the day, you can put on your Quartz goggles for instant relief from the symptoms. Because the goggles are lightweight and portable, you can take them with you easily and put them on when your eyes need a boost.

The view through the translucent lenses is sufficient for you to move around in a safe environment, but definitely not safe to drive, cycle, or use machinery.

Use Quartz as pollen blocking goggle

Useful also for people with allergies to pollen and/or dust because the goggles create a barrier to prevent allergens from entering your eyes and causing irritation.

Find out more

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