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Silicone ear grips - a must have accessory?

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Silicone ear grips, or temple tips as they are often called, are a handy, inexpensive accessory that has a particular application when wearing moisture chamber glasses.

They will be of interest to you if you:

  • are thinking of trying moisture chamber glasses, hay fever glasses, or windproof sunglasses for the first time
  • have worn a pair of these glasses for a while and want to improve their effectiveness

ear grips for glasses

Achieve fine control over the closeness of fit

Our experience is that silicone ear grips give you fine control over the closeness of fit of Ziena, 7eye AirShield, or SRX-14 protective glasses.

Simply slide the ear hooks onto the tip of the arms of your glasses and adjust the position so that they sit comfortably behind your ear. You can slide them up or down the ear rest to achieve exactly the closeness of fit that you desire.

Benefits of wearing ear grips on your glasses

If your glasses have felt a bit loose on your head, then wearing ear grips will make them feel more comfortable and secure. Your glasses will no longer slip down your nose or keep shifting when you are moving along.

And, most important, you are likely to notice an immediate improvement in the effectiveness of your glasses for dry eye relief or protection from the elements.

woman wearing black silicone temple tips on her glasses

Key features

  • Only £2.99 per pair from Eyewear Accessories Ltd
  • Available in translucent white or black
  • Postage within the UK is £1.99 (first class)

How to order

Visit this link to order your pair of ear grips now


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