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Round clip on sunglasses are back!

clip on sunglasses for round glasses round clip on lenses round clip on sunglasses round flip up sunglasses

In recent years, glasses with round lenses have regained popularity, with a range of styles from metal rimmed to tortoiseshell. However, up till now it's been difficult for wearers of round spectacles to find clip on sunglasses of a suitable shape.

lady wearing rounded spectacle frames

Eyewear Accessories have introduced a new rounded shape of clip on flip up sunglasses that is designed to fit many rounded and oval frames. It is available with a choice of either polarised grey or brown lenses.

 round clip on sunglasses

Like all the clip on sunglasses that we sell, the tinted lenses are of optical quality to ensure clarity of viewing and maximum glare protection. The clip on sunglasses provide 100% to the UV400 standard.

The lenses are filter category 3 so they are suitable for wearing in bright, sunny conditions. You can flip them up when needed if the sun goes in or if you are travelling through a shaded area.

To see details or buy round clip on sunglasses, click these links:


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