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Renpho eye massager review

renpho eye massager review review renpho eye massager

This review of the Renpho Eye Massager has been written by John Waddington at Eyewear Accessories in the UK. It is based on his experience of using the product daily.

Overall, this is an impressive product that offers numerous health benefits but is slightly let down by a few minor niggles.

Quick summary

 Packaging and storage
5 star rating for packaging and storage
Ease of use without remote control
2 star rating for ease of use
Ease of use with remote control
4 star rating for ease of use with remote control
Ease of use with standard user manual 1 star rating for ease of use with user manual supplied by Renpho
Ease of use with enhanced user manual written in plain English: "Renpho eye massager made simple" 5 star rating for packaging and storage
Comfort of wearing during massage  3 star rating for comfort while wearing
Battery life between charges 3 star rating for comfort while wearing
3 star rating for portability
Benefits felt after using the massager
5 star rating for benefits of use
Value for money 5 star rating for benefits of use

Detailed review

If you are a dry eye sufferer like me, you are probably constantly on the lookout for new therapies that can help to ease your symptoms.

That's why I wanted to try the Renpho eye massager. Based on the large number of positive reviews of the product, I bought one about a month ago and have been using it on most days since then.

I already have a Blephasteam which I have been using daily and wanted to compare the two products to see which brought most benefits and was most convenient to incorporate into my daily routine.


The Renpho scores well on its packaging design which immediately suggested a quality product to me. The eye massager is well presented in its box and comes with an effective drawstring bag for storage.

Quality packing

Why we supplier the massager with a remote control

Eyewear Accessories only supplies the version of the Renpho eye massager that comes with a remote control.

It is so much easier to use with the remote rather than relying on the goggle buttons.

renpho eye massager with its remote control

The remote control is a convenient size and shape, with well sized buttons that respond clearly to the touch. I memorised the position of each button on the remote so that I could easily change functions during a massage session. The remote is quite small and can be stored easily in the bottom of the drawstring bag in between massage sessions.

Difficult to use without the remote control

The ease of use of the eye massager is poor if you are relying only on the buttons on board the goggles themselves.

As has been commented by other reviewers, the buttons are so sensitive to the touch that it is hard not to select the wrong function. Also, one button is used for multiple functions, depending on how long you press it which I found was fiddly.

The ease of use of the buttons is not helped by a poor description in the user manual.

Clarity of the user manual

The standard user manual supplied by Renpho, in my view, lets the product down. It is too small to read comfortably, the diagrams are not particularly helpful, and the explanation of key features such as turning the massager on and off and charging it is unclear.

That's why Eyewear Accessories has written its own user manual in plain English that not only covers the basics in simple, illustrated steps, but also contains helpful tips on getting the most from the massager.

How to get our plain English manual

Called Renpho Eye Massager made simple, you can download it for only £2.99 by visiting this page on our website.

Renpho eye massager user guide

Comfort whilst wearing the eye massager

The eye massager goggles feel quite heavy and it took me a few goes to find the optimum position. I found that for me it is best to sit in an armchair when wearing the goggles as this minimised the pressure on my eyes.

John using the eye massager

The massager is fairly noisy during the 15 minute therapy, so it is probably best to use it at home. It is not surprising that the massager does make a noise, because it is based on airbags that inflate and deflate.

I found that the noise was rather intrusive the first time I used the massager but after a couple of sessions I got used to it and in fact the repetitiveness of the sound became therapeutic, a bit like meditation.

Listening to calming music during your massage

The Renpho massager comes with built in speakers and two music tracks pre-loaded. The standard tunes are repetitive which some may find irritating and superficial. The music is designed to help to counteract the noise of the massager and to help lull you into a relaxed state.

There is also the facility to listen to your own tracks via Bluetooth so can choose relaxing music that works for you.

Personally I tend to use the massager with the music off because I have got used to the noise that the airbags make and actually find it quite calming and reassuring.

What the massage felt like

The sensation of having a pinpoint massage around my eye sockets and a rolling massage over my eyes felt a bit weird initially but I found that if I just relaxed and let the massager do its work, I enjoyed the massage. Having the massager on the heat setting is definitely calming.

Renpho eye massager has a comfortable padded interior

I don't think the massager is going to appeal to everybody. In my opinion, it is ideal for people suffering from computer related eyestrain, mildly dry eyes, and stress after a day's office work but is not suitable for those with severe dry eyes, retinal damage, glaucoma, Exophthalmos, recent cataract or laser operation etc.

How I felt after the massage

This is where the Renpho eye massager really scored for me. As soon as I took the massage goggles off and waited 1 minute before opening my eyes as instructed by the voice prompt, I felt more relaxed, less stressed, I had no trace of eyestrain, and my eyes felt more moisturised.

I have been using the massager for about a month. I didn't always find the same degree of benefit every day because, as you will know, dry eye syndrome is a variable condition. And for me, there were days on which my eyeballs felt so delicate that I didn't feel that I should use the massager.

If you have severe dry eyes or a medical condition such as glaucoma, then you shouldn't use this product. Instead it's better to go for a more gentle therapy such as Blephasteam or wearing moisture chamber glasses.


Overall verdict

4 star overall rating for Renpho eye massager

Overall I would give the Renpho eye massager a four star rating.

Many people who experience eye strain and dry eyes after a tiring day's work or a long journey will probably love this product and will soon find that an eye massage is a welcome addition to their daily routine.

Just be cautious if your dry eye condition is severe or if you have eye conditions such as glaucoma. If so, you shouldn't use the Renpho product.

Personally I found it made me feel more relaxed and contented and my eyes felt comfortably moist after use.

However, it scored less well on noise, battery life between charges, and the quality of the standard user manual, so for me it loses its fifth star.

Where Renpho scores better than Blephasteam

Part of this exercise was to compare the performance of the eye massager with Blephasteam therapy. Renpho scores better on these points:

  • don't need to wait till it warms up before use
  • no need to buy expensive renewables
  • no need to massage your eyes after the therapy
  • doesn't cause puffy rings around the eyes
  • can aid sleep
  • may aid recovery from facial palsy
  • wireless operation means you don't have to use it near a plug socket
  • price and value for money

Where Blephasteam scores over Renpho

Blephasteam scores better on two points:
  • totally quiet
  • less heavy to wear
  • a more gentle therapy, so more suitable for those with multiple or severe eye conditions




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