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Not sure which frame style to choose? Here's an easy way to find out

Have you been browsing through our ranges of protective glasses and goggles  and are not sure which product would fit you best?

Here's an easy way to get our help

  • Use your mobile phone to take a 'Selfie' photograph showing your face straight on and from the side.
  • Send your Selfie to us at Eyewear Accessories.
  • We will tell you our opinion on which frames to consider.

Take a selfie to help us advise you on frame style

If you wear glasses

  • Send us a selfie of you wearing your glasses
  • Tell us the width and height of your lenses (in millimetres)
  • Also tell us the overall width across the front of your spectacle frame, measured half way up the lenses

How to send your selfie to us

  • Either direct from your phone by WhatsApp or text message to our company mobile at 07999 023 152
  • Or by email to

Tell us a bit about yourself

Please confirm in an email to us at letting us know that you have sent your selfie, and include in your email these details:

  • Your name
  • Which country you live in
  • Your contact telephone number and email address
  • Do you have a narrow face, average face, or wider than average face?
  • Which range are you interested in? (eg: Ziena or 7eye)
  • Are the glasses primarily for Outdoor or Indoor use?
  • Do you intend to drive, cycle, or bike in the glasses?
  • Do you need prescription lenses in these glasses?
    • If yes, please attach a scanned copy of your optical prescription showing the lens powers

Your reassurance about privacy

Eyewear Accessories observes strict confidentiality measures.

We will only use your selfie(s) photos to advise you about frame style and will delete any photos you send us as soon as we have given our advice.

Your supporting email will be filed confidentially and used only if you decide to place an order.

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