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New Ziena moisture chamber glasses designed for Asian facial structure

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We are pleased to announce that Ziena Eyewear, designers of the world's leading moisture chamber glasses, have launched a new model called the Ziena SeaCrest.

Ziena SeaCrest

Designed to fit Asian facial structures

Based on the popular Ziena Nereus moisture chamber glasses, the new model is wider fitting. It has been specifically designed to fit Asian facial structures with a shallow nose bridge and higher cheekbones.

Like other models in the Ziena series, the new SeaCrest has a removable soft silicone eye shield which rests gently around the eye sockets, creating separate moisture chambers that help to retain tear moisture.

Helps to relieve dry eye discomfort associated with computer use

Ziena glasses now have a well established track record for relieving dry eye symptoms. They are particularly suitable for use in offices to reduce dry eye discomfort associated with prolonged computer use.

computer glasses to relieve dry eyes

The glasses are supplied with a choice of Clear or Light-reactive lenses.

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