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New smaller sizes available in our range of windproof and moisture chamber glasses

7eye Briza 7eye Chubasco 7eye Churada 7eye glasses small 7eye Viento hay fever glasses for children moisture chamber glasses for children windproof glasses small sizes

It has been difficult up to now to source moisture chamber, windproof and hay fever glasses small enough for children and small adults.

However, Eyewear Accessories has now added new models to its range of glasses which can match the needs of a range of ages from 11 years old upwards.

Introducing the Chubasco and Viento

The Chubasco and Viento are the smallest models in the 7eye AirShield range.

Measuring only 126 mm across the frame, they are suitable for young adults and for adults with small faces, or a long narrow head shape.

7eye Viento

The relatively small lenses and discreet AirShield, make these glasses look more like standard glasses than some of the larger models in the AIrShield range.

7eye moisture chamber glasses

It also means that they are among the best glasses in the AirShield range for accommodating prescription lenses.

Introducing the Briza and the Churada

The Briza and Churada are slightly wider than the Chubasco and Viento, and the curvature of the AirShield eye cup gives a more generous fit. Therefore, we classify them as a small to medium fit.

The Briza has a stylish tortoiseshell frame and its designer looks make it a popular choice for women. It works really well as dry eye sunglasses - the darker lenses mask the AirShield eye cup.

7eye Briza

The Churada has the most generous AirShield eyecup of any of the glasses in the series. This slightly restricts peripheral vision so it is not suitable for cycling or driving. However, it is ideal for use indoors as moisture chamber glasses, for example for computer use, or where you are in an air conditioned environment where the air is very dry.

7eye Churada

It is also provides excellent wind, dust, and pollen protection outdoors, so it is very effective when you are out on walks, bird watching, or playing golf - any activity where peripheral vision is not critical.

7eye Churada provides effective wind protection because of its substantial AirShield

The relatively small lenses makes the Churada among the best glasses in the AirShield range for accommodating prescription lenses.

Need more advice?

If you are not sure which model of glasses would be best for your needs, we are happy to help.

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