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Not sure which glasses to order? It's easy to get our fitting advice via WhatsApp

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Are you unsure which glasses would fit you and be best suited to your needs?

Here's an easy way to get our help

  • Take selfies of your face from the front and the side
  • WhatsApp them to us on 07999 023152
  • Or email them to
  • We will get back to you promptly on which frames to consider

Take a selfie to help us advise you on frame style

If you wear glasses

  • Send us a selfie of you wearing your glasses
  • Tell us the:
    • width and height of your lenses (in millimetres)
    • distance across the front of your glasses, measured half way up the lenses
selfie of me wearing glasses

      Your reassurance about privacy

      Eyewear Accessories observes strict confidentiality measures.

      We will only use your photos to advise you about frame style and will delete any photos you send us as soon as we have given our advice.

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