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My personal experience of using Blephasteam

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Hello, my name is John and I am a director at Eyewear Accessories.

John wearing his Kai glasses

I suffer from dry eyes caused by Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD). 

My dry eye symptoms have worsened in recent months to the point that I struggle with computer use for any prolonged period and hate being outdoors in the wind.

rubbing my sore eyes

My eyes feel sore as soon as I wake up in the morning and throughout the day they feel as if someone has punched me in the face! My vision is often blurry for much of the time that I am awake because my tears don't lubricate my eyes properly.

After a recommendation from one of our dry eye customers, I started using Blephasteam daily and this is my experience with it.

Deciding whether to buy a Blephasteam

Blephasteam had been on my radar for a few years, but I was put off buying it because of the price tag and the look of the goggles. There was also the product name which to me conjured up a Victorian invention involving clouds of steam!

After a few months of deliberating, I decided to take the plunge and buy a Blephasteam. Why? Because I wasn't getting on with eye drops or my MGD eye bag, and as my dry eye condition was deteriorating, I needed a home therapy that would be more effective and give more lasting relief than eye drops or an eye bag.

Blephasteam in use - what it felt like

As regards the product name, I found that actually the temperature in the goggles is gentle and that clouds of steam are not involved. It's a soothing, relaxing experience and neither the heat (which is apparently regulated at a constant 42° C) nor the moisture are unpleasant.

The goggles are actually reasonably comfortable to wear (though a bit ungainly!) and you only have them on for 10 minutes per session. Twice a day is ideal, and I try to keep to this routine where possible because then it gives my eyes a boost for my morning work session with the computer and then the same in the afternoon. Worth it if you can spare the time!

As for the product name, when you think about it, it reflects what it does pretty accurately because it helps to relieve blepharitis.

The process of using Blephasteam is straightforward enough once you've got used to it. In my experience, it gets much easier once you've tried it a couple of times. 

Blephasteam goggles

Warming up the heated goggles

First you have to warm up the goggles to the preset temperature that has been proven to be ideal for unclogging Meibomian glands. This takes 15 minutes after plugging in the device and pressing the On button.

I would have appreciated a beep to indicate that the goggles are warmed up but instead the On light changes from amber to green.

What I have found useful is to put on the timer on my watch so that it buzzes to remind me that the Blephasteam is ready for use. If you do forget that it is ready because you're busy doing something else, there is some leeway. I think it stays heated up and ready for about 40 minutes before it turns itself off.

Inserting the Blephasteam rings

When you're ready to go, you take two Blephasteam paper rings and dampen them slightly under the tap. They are shaped to fit exactly into each eye cup. 

I found that if they are too wet, the rings don't keep their shape very well and are then more difficult to insert inside the goggles. My dexterity isn't very good and initially I found the process of inserting the rings a bit fiddly.

Putting on and wearing the goggles

Next step is to put on the goggles, adjust the strap to your head size if necessary, and once they are comfortable (not too tight), you press and hold the On button until it starts flashing green to indicate that the therapy has started. 

I found that taking 10 minutes out of my busy day was actually a rather calming experience. Sit in a comfortable place for 10 minutes wearing the goggles, during which time you will experience a gentle warmth and a moist atmosphere as the water in the Blephasteam rings evaporates.

At the end of the session

At the end of the 10-minute therapy, the Blephasteam will beep. This indicates that it is time to take off the goggles.

As soon as you can, massage gently your top and bottom eyelid. Do this for about 30 seconds. Click here to watch the short video I have produced for you showing how to do this.

Now unplug the Blephasteam and discard the used rings. You will need fresh rings for each therapy.

How did it feel during the 10-minute therapy?

I felt a bit self-conscious wearing the goggles, but I reasoned that as long as they worked, my appearance didn't matter, especially as I use them at home!

I found the goggles to be comfortable enough, especially once I had adjusted the head strap. The process of inserting the paper rings into each eye cup took a bit of getting used to, but you would probably find it okay as long as you have reasonably good dexterity.

The 10-minute session with Blephasteam was a pleasant and relaxing experience. The lenses didn't mist up, so I was able to sit in an armchair and read the news on my phone.

Equally you would be able to watch TV during the therapy or sit at your PC if you needed to carry on working - as long as you sit fairly close to a mains socket to power the Blephasteam.

Me using my Blephasteam

The first few times that I used Blephasteam I experienced a slight stinging sensation in the corners of my eyes but that went away quickly.

I enjoyed the sensation of the therapy and, as soon as I took off the goggles, my eyes definitely felt fresher and more moisturised.

Massaging your eyelids takes a bit of practice to get the action right, but if you've been used to an MGD eye bag, you're probably practised in doing this anyway.

How it felt after using Blephasteam

After my session with Blephasteam, I got up and walked around to assess whether there had been any noticeable change in my vision or eye comfort.

And yes, the improvement in my eyes was definitely noticeable and longer lasting than after using an eye bag. They felt fresher and pleasantly lubricated and my blurry vision had gone away.

It felt much better than your eyes do immediately after putting in eye drops.

Later on the same day, I went on a bike ride (in very windy conditions) wearing my moisture chamber glasses and I am writing this blog post 4 hours later. In all that time, my eyes have felt comfortable and sufficiently moisturised. Quite a contrast from the temporary relief gained by putting eye drops in.

I have also experimented with using Blephasteam at about 11:00 am after a couple of hours in front of the computer. By that stage my eyes have usually gone all misty and my vision is blurred because they get so dry. Using the Blephasteam, my eyes felt fresh and rejuvenated. A great feeling!

After a week

After a week of using Blephasteam dutifully once in the morning and once at the end of the working day, my dry eye symptoms were definitely less acute.

I believe that you too may find Blephasteam helpful if you are suffering from dry eyes or blepharitis through MGD or through Sjogren's Syndrome. For Blephasteam to continue to help your eyes, you must keep using it regularly.

Is it worth the price tag?

Yes, the price tag is offputting. But if you've got severely dry eyes you will realise that you need to use a range of complementary tools each day to manage and relieve your symptoms and Blephasteam is a useful component.

I cannot predict for definite that Blephasteam will help your eye condition, but for me it has proved worth the money. It makes your eyes feel moisturised as though you were taking frequent eye drops, but being just a natural therapy involving warmth and humidity, there are none of the drawbacks that you encounter when using eye drops.

There are many research studies that also endorse Blephasteam's effectiveness with a range of dry eye patients. 

Blephasteam and moisture chamber glasses are a useful combination

My recommendation for more comfortable eyes would be to use a pair of moisture chamber glasses as well as Blephasteam and probably Eyeseals as well.

Why? Because while the Blephasteam gives your eyes a boost morning and evening, moisture chamber glasses and Eyeseals reinforce the benefit of Blephasteam therapy by conserving your tears and keeping your eyes moisturised throughout the day and night.

In my opinion, these products complement each other to give you an effective drug-free home treatment for keeping on top of your dry eye symptoms.

How to order your own Blephasteam

To find out more about the product and order one if you wish, click the Blephasteam link on our website.

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Author's note

I do not claim to be an eye doctor, just an ordinary person suffering from dry eyes. And while Blephasteam and moisture chamber glasses have been proven to help many people improve their quality of life, neither claims to be a cure for dry eyes. It is always recommended that your eye condition is monitored by an experienced ophthalmologist.

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