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My NuLids experience

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This review of NuLids has just been sent to us by a severe dry eye sufferer who has been using it daily on our 10-day Nulids trial.

"Having suffered from the misery of dry eyes for a long time I was initially sceptical (yet tempted) by NuLids.

The price was offputting but the prospect of a 10 day trial made it less risky, and when I considered how much I have been paying out for heat pads and various eye drops … well it was worth a try.

I had a chat with John which reassured me and the costing was all very clear and up front.

I simply can’t believe the difference!

I’m now on day 8 and am experimenting with no eyedrops at all today (yesterday I only used them 3 times, it is not unusual for me to use drops more than 10 times a day).

My Autoimmune condition (Igg4) has resulted in eyelids like sandpaper for years, so for me NuLids is a Godsend. I will be showing it to my Opthalmology consultant at my next appointment.

So if you are in a similar position, give it a try…….worked for me."


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