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My eyelash roots and eyelid rims are less crusty than they have been for 10 years

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It's now week two of trying out my Blephasteam and I'm starting to get into a comfortable routine for using it that works for me.

A 10-minute session in the morning sets me up for the day because my eyes then feel refreshed and lubricated and that makes me feel more positive and energetic.

I've found that if I wear my moisture chamber glasses directly afterwards, my eyes feel less dry and sore for 4 to 5 hours because the glasses conserve my tears.

John wearing his Ziena Kai glasses

Blephasteam revives my eyes after intensive screen use

I've found that on the weekend, I don't necessarily need to have another Blephasteam session later in the same day.

On a work day though, if I've been using the computer too intensively and not taken enough screen breaks, my eyes get dry, sore and misty. A further 10 minutes with Blephasteam refreshes them again ready for the evening.

My eyelash roots are no longer clogged up

Before I started with Blephasteam, the roots of my eyelashes and my eyelid rims were clogged up with flakes and crusty bits, presumably from dried tears.

In the Blephasteam user manual, it suggests using cleansing wipes such as Blephaclean at the end of each session, but I've found that the roots of my eyelashes and eyelids are now the cleanest they have been for about 10 years.

This indicates to me that they are being washed away naturally by good quality tears.

Moisture chamber glasses and Blephasteam complement each other

I've found that my Ziena Kai moisture chamber glasses and Blephasteam really complement each other. Blephasteam definitely improves my tear quality and the moisture chamber glasses keep my eyes moisturised over the course of the day.

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