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More praise for the Ziena Kai from dry eye sufferers

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We regularly receive emails and reviews from customers who have found that our glasses have made a big difference to their quality of life.

We add these comments to our page on customer feedback and they appear where appropriate in the product reviews. Sometimes we are so thrilled by the supportive emails from customers that we publish them in our blog.

Ziena kai moisture chamber spectacles

Here are two of those comments about the Ziena Kai and on our quality of service from two customers that arrived in consecutive days this week (19 May 2020).

"Excellent service"

"Suffering from dry eyes, by chance, my search led me to come across Eyewear Accessories. On the web site, my prescription easily led me to which glasses I could use and so I can only comment on the performance Ziena Kai glasses.

A transformation and they come highly recommended from me for wind protection.

As for the customer service: absolutely top draw. Individual detailed advise and recommendation by e mail. The suggestion to "buy two alternative frames" and select my preference at home. They arrived in two days and I had a full return on the non-preferred specs in a couple of days.

Eyewear Accessories even suggested a company who could supply and fit the prescription lens. Possibly not the cheapest, because I had no cause to shop around, but overall great value for money.

A complete joy to experience with a more than satisfactory outcome. Life changer!"

"What a difference!"

"Having tried everything to ease my severe dry eyes I decided to give the Ziena Kai glasses a go.

I ordered the photochromic, thinking I could wear them both in and outdoors.

The service was very quick, they were well packaged and of excellent quality.

But the main thing is what a difference they made to my eyes. I can now go dog walking in the wind without any discomfort.

I also use them to watch TV. Before I was constantly using drops but with the glasses my eyes are much more comfortable and not as sore.

I was so impressed I ordered a 2nd pair to have my reading pescription lens fitted. I do a lot of close up art work and my eyes soon get sore. I was becoming disillusioned that I would not be able to continue with it but now it's not a problem."

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