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Looking for a UK stockist of older 7eye or Ziena products such as the Briza or Churada?

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As the UK's distributor for 7eye and Ziena glasses and goggles, Eyewear Accessories is in a unique position to source products from the manufacturer that we no longer hold in stock.

If you have bought any of the following products from us some time ago and you have been so pleased with them that you want to buy a replacement, send us an email to or call us on 07999 023 152, indicating your preference for frame and lens colour.

Woman wearing 7eye Briza

We can get these products for you

  • 7eye Aspen
  • 7eye Briza
  • 7eye Chubasco
  • 7eye Churada
  • 7eye Buran
  • 7eye Marin
  • 7eye Rocker
  • 7eye Sedona
  • 7eye Sierra
  • Ziena Oasis
  • Ziena  Seacrest

We place a bulk order of stock from the manufacturer every 4 to 6 weeks. When we respond to your query, we will tell you what the lead time will be to supply your order.

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