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Listen to yesterday's Jeremy Vine show discussion about dry eyes and treatments

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If you suffer from dry eyes or know a friend or relation who has this condition, then it is worth giving 10 minutes of your time to listen to the Dry Eye discussion on yesterday's Jeremy Vine show.

You will need to log into your BBC account (you can log in under any BBC account that you have set up, for example BBC iPlayer).

What the show covers

Sarah Jarvis, the TV doctor, answers listeners' questions about dry eyes and the range of treatments available.

Also featured is Jenny Eclair talking about her experience of dry eyes. She talked about putting cling film over her eyelids at night to conserve the tear moisture. A far more comfortable and practical solution for her would be to wear Eyeseals moisture chamber goggles.

Blephasteam moist heat therapy was among the recommended treatments

Among the treatments that were recommended by listeners was Blephasteam, the moist heat therapy that you can purchase from Eyewear Accessories Ltd.

John's comment on the discussion

While the discussion was very interesting for anyone with dry eyes, I was most surprised that no one mentioned moisture chamber glasses as they can give so much relief to dry eye sufferers and have been recommended to patients by many eye specialists, including those at Moorfields Eye Hospital.

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