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How to solve the problem of low angle glare from the sun while driving

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It's good to see the sun, but it can cause serious problems for safe, comfortable driving, especially when it is at a low angle in winter.

All drivers will have encountered the problem of temporary road blindness when they suddenly get blitzed by the sun, particularly in the last hour of driving before dusk. You can find that your vision of the road is suddenly cut off because of the glare, and that can and does lead to accidents.

The danger is particularly great during spells of changeable weather, when the road surface is wet and reflects glare from the sun when it comes back out.

This hazard also happens during icy conditions, when the mirror-like road surface can reflect a severe amount of glare.

 low angle sun causing road glare

You can use the sun shields on your car to block the glare, but frequently they are not in quite the right position to fully address the problem.

How best to protect yourself from glare coming through the windscreen

If you wear glasses to drive in, your best protection from road glare coming at you through the front windscreen will be achieved by wearing polarised flip up sunglasses.

In winter you can wear them with the lenses flipped up and then, when you get blitzed by the sun, you simply flip them down to stop the glare.

The quality polarised lenses in our flip up sunglasses diffuse the glare, enabling you to continue driving safely.

At Eyewear Accessories, we have received emails from several customers saying how our clip on sunglasses have avoided them having a car accident by cutting road glare.

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