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How to clean your Ziena glasses properly to maximise their useful life

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Here we illustrate the best ways of cleaning your Ziena glasses so as to protect them and keep them working to the best of their potential.

Everyday maintenance

Before cleaning your glasses, unpeel the silicone eye cup from the frame and set it carefully aside.

unpeeling the silicone eye cup

To remove dust and finger marks, gently buff up the lenses so that there are no dust or smears on the lens surface. You may prefer to use an optical lens blower to remove dust from the lenses.

polishing the lenses with the microfibre bag

Weekly cleaning

Once a week, or if the lenses have got particularly dirty, rinse them gently under a warm tap, smear a small amount of liquid soap on both sides and then rinse off the soap fully.

Now pat the lenses and the rims carefully and thoroughly with kitchen paper before gently buffing the lenses gently with a clean, dust free microfibre cloth.

Ensure that all parts of the glasses are fully dry before storage.

Do not use lens cleaners / cleaning chemicals as they damage the anti-fog coating on lenses and have a corrosive effect on metal parts such as hinges and magnets.

Cleaning after the glasses have become damp

What should you do if you have worn the glasses on a hot day and there is perspiration on the lenses, frame, and eye cup?

We recommend that you unpeel the eye cup and pat the frame, lenses, and eye cup with a clean tissue or kitchen paper so that they are dry.

Follow the same procedure if you have worn the glasses out in the rain.

drying the moisture off the magnets and other metallic parts

Pay particular attention to drying the metallic parts - the micro magnets on the frame and eye cups and the hinge points. Failure to dry them properly could lead to corrosion, which would not be covered under the Ziena warranty.

Rest your glasses in the open case after use or cleaning

Never put your glasses away in their case if they are at all damp! It is the fastest way to make them deteriorate and can lead to problems with lenses and metal parts.

Instead, pat them dry with a clean tissue or piece of household paper before resting them on top of the open Ziena case to dry completely. Leave the eye cup detached while you are drying your glasses.

resting the glasses in the open case

And finally, do not leave your Ziena glasses to dry in a location that is exposed to extremes of heat or light, such as a sunny windowsill.


That's it! All you need to do to maintain your glasses in optimum condition for as long as possible.

Depending on how you use the glasses and on your eye problem you may need to adopt your own daily cleaning routine that works for you.

The main things to remember are:

  • to treat your glasses gently, especially the lenses
  • to ensure that you never put them away in the case wet
  • not to leave them in a hot, dry location exposed to extremes of light (for example in the car or on a windowsill, especially if it is over a radiator.

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