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How to clean your lenses effectively without impairing their anti-fog coating

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It is important to follow a regular routine of cleaning the lenses in your moisture chamber glasses. Not only does this maintain crystal clear vision but if the lenses have dust particles and smears this can increase the likelihood of them fogging up.

Using a lens cleaning spray might appear to be the simplest and most effective way to remove dust and dirt from lenses. But could the spray you are using be actually reducing the effectiveness of the anti-fog coating of your lenses?

Well yes, according to 7eye it could. All their glasses have an anti-fog coating to reduce lens misting. However, many general purpose spectacles lens cleaners leave a film on the lenses that impairs anti-fog performance.

Panoptx has developed a formula that works with anti-fog lenses

Panoptx have designed a lens cleaning spray that will not leave a film on your lenses.

It is recommended for use with all 7eye and Ziena glasses plus any sports glasses or goggles that have anti-fog coatings, including the Body Specs range of eyewear.

Carefully follow the instructions on the bottle to ensure the best result. Always finish by gently polishing the lenses with a clean, dry microfibre lens cloth.

  7eye lens cleaning spray             polishing the lenses with the microfibre bag

How to buy

Click here to visit the product page: Panoptx lens cleaner

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