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How I stopped my eyes watering when cycling in the cold

7eye AirShield 7eye Cape clear windproof cycle goggles cycling glasses that stop the wind cycling glasses that stop watery eyes cycling glasses wind protection Stop my eyes watering when cycling in winter

I enjoy getting out on my bike most days of the year as long as the weather isn't too bad.

The trouble is that as soon as it starts getting colder, from November through to March, my eyes water like anything when I'm outdoors. They also feel sore during and after my bike ride - it feels as though someone has punched me in the eyes.

I researched the best home remedy to stop watery eyes outdoors

I first noticed the watering problem in my early 50s when one eye in particular started tearing excessively in cold and windy weather.

At that stage it was manageable and I was able to keep the eye watering at bay by wearing wraparound sunglasses. But the excessive tearing has slowly got worse and I have been looking around for a home remedy to the problem. One that works! I'd love to be able to continue winter cycling and to actually enjoy it without my eyes playing up.

I read good reviews of 7eye glasses by other cyclists and decided to try them

After doing some research online, I decided to try 7eye glasses with the AirShield as there were good reviews of them from other cyclists.

wearing 7eye Cape glasses for winter cycling

I was assisted in choosing the right ones for me (the 7eye Cape) after speaking to John, who runs Eyewear Accessories and who himself uses 7eye glasses every day to help manage his dry eye problem.

My eyes feel comfortable and cocooned and no longer water when it's cold outside

I have now been wearing my AirShields for a couple of weeks and am delighted with the result. There is literally no watering and my eyes feel comfortable and cocooned by the protective eye cup.

Side view of 7eye Cape showing the protective airshield

I would thoroughly recommend AirShield glasses to anyone who, like me, simply wants to be able cycle in comfort and to see clearly where I'm going, whatever the weather.

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