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How buying clip on sunglasses saved me over £200

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I recently had to buy a new pair of glasses because my eye prescription has changed. I wear varifocals, so each time I replace my glasses, it costs me over £200, and that's if I buy a budget frame.

Having got the everyday specs sorted, I also needed a new pair of sunglasses, because my old prescription sunglasses were unwearable now that my eyes had changed.

When I looked into the cost of getting another set of frames with tinted and polarised lenses, it was clearly unaffordable.

So I looked through the Eyewear Accessories range of clip on sunglasses and found a perfectly fitting model of clip on flip up ones. The price? A mere £22.99 - about 10% of the cost I was quoted for buying prescription sunglasses.

flip up sunglasses

The quality of these flip up lenses is great - they are optically perfect so there is no distortion and the polarisation is really effective for keeping out the glare.

I find them versatile for many different uses, including walking, cycling, gardening, and when I'm painting outdoors. They are also really easy to carry around compared to a pair of prescription sunglasses.

Next time I have to buy new varifocals, I will definitely get another pair of clip on sunglasses rather than waste money on expensive prescription sunglasses.

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