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Help us make your order as free from single-use plastics as possible

If you have ordered items from Eyewear Accessories recently you may have noticed that we have been trialling packaging materials that are:

  • manufactured from sustainably grown sources
  • plastics-free
  • re-usable
  • recyclable
our packaging is free from single use plastics, fully recyclable and resuable

We have carefully selected the paper we use, the mailing envelopes, mailing boxes, void fill materials, and sticky tape from environmentally responsible suppliers that do not use single-use plastics in their manufacture.

Instead, our packaging materials are cardboard and paper based, sourced from sustainably grown forests.

Help us to go single-use plastics free

We are asking for your help in continuing to use, wherever possible, environmentally-friendly packaging materials that do not contain single-use plastics for delivery of your order.

The cost of "going green" with packaging materials unfortunately comes at a cost. We have found that it is approximately double that of using plastic-based packaging. This extra cost is due to a variety of factors:

  • it is more expensive to buy plastics-free packaging materials
  • it takes longer for us to package up orders using plastics-free packaging
  • parcels are more bulky when they use cardboard packing materials, which in turn increases shipping costs.

For just 0.5% of your order cost, you can choose environmentally-friendly packaging

We are giving you the option on the payment page of the checkout to:

  • either remain with plastics-based packaging such as bubble wrap
  • or go single use plastics-free with cardboard-based packaging alternatives

If you want to stay with plastic packaging for now, that's fine. You don't have to pay any contribution and should click the None box.

If you want to help the environment by specifying plastic-free packaging of your order, we ask you to pay a small contribution based on the value of your order (minimum 0.5%)

We are introducing this scheme over the course of the week starting 27 September.

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