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Here we are, in the middle of another lockdown, in mid-winter and it's tough on our eyes.

Why? Because lockdown means more time each day spent in front of a PC or mobile screen than ever before and that dries our eyes out.

 dry eyes due to environmental factors like computer use and central heating

Why? Because our central heating is on for longer because of the time of year and that dries our eyes out.

Why? Because when we go outdoors on a cold, windy day, the dry atmosphere dries our eyes out.

walking by the coase in winter

If you are a dry eye sufferer, like me, you can feel your eyes are under attack in all situations. Even at night, my eyes dry out and I wake in the morning everyday with gritty, sticky eyes.

More people than ever before are experiencing Dry Eye Syndrome

All of these environmental factors are contributing to a situation where more people than ever are suffering from dry eye syndrome and existing dry eye sufferers are reporting worse symptoms than the year before.

Step in the Blephasteam!

This therapy device, which you can use safely at home, targets the quality of your tears. If you suffer from MGD, the tears that your eyes produce lack the oily component which makes them lubricate the eye more effectively, for longer, without being so affected by evaporation.

How you use Blephasteam

Blephasteam therapy is quick and comfortable and doesn't involve any drugs or surgery. 

To get the most benefit, you need to spend just 10 minutes with Blephasteam, twice a day. You can even keep working at a computer, watching the TV, or reading while doing the therapy, if you want to.

wearing Blephasteam while using a hand held computing device

If you are experiencing uncomfortably dry eyes, Blephasteam could be a valuable contributor to your dry eye maintenance regime.

We do advise, however, that if you are experiencing severe dry eyes or if they have got worse, you get your eyes checked out and your condition monitored by a suitably qualified ophthalmologist.

Find out more about Blephasteam

Blephasteam can be purchased from Eyewear Accessories Ltd and is in stock for prompt delivery.

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