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Fed up with paying for sunglasses with varifocal lenses? Reduce your spend by wearing clip on sunglasses

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The true cost of wearing varifocal glasses

Varifocals have brought us the convenience of not having to swap between glasses for reading and for driving.

But at what cost! With a set of varifocal lenses setting you back hundreds of pounds, investing in separate pairs of glasses with clear lenses for indoor use and sunglasses for the outdoors looks increasingly unaffordable.

Surely the solution is to buy transitional lenses that double as sunglasses?

Opticians often promote light reactive lenses as a cost-effective way to get a single pair of spectacles to perform two jobs for the price of one, but transitional lenses are not without their drawbacks.

For a start most brands only change colour when your glasses are exposed to sunlight. This means that they are normally ineffective in the car, and for many people the whole reason to turn to sunglasses is to reduce glare whilst driving.

Throw in the added problem that most photochromic lenses do not have the benefit of being polarised, so they are actually not that good at glare protection, the common experience that these lenses are often too dark in cloudy weather and not dark enough in sunny warm weather, and you've got to question whether there is a better alternative.

Why clip on sunglasses are the most cost-effective and versatile solution

The increasing cost of prescription lenses, and the drawbacks of light-reactive lenses are making many consumers realise the attractiveness of clip on sunglasses. These used to be unpopular because they looked unfashionable, often did not fit very well, and the quality was variable.

Well, some of those criticisms still apply to many of the clip on sunglasses out there on the market - you get what you pay for! Many online companies sell poor quality clip on sunglasses that seem to offer good value but actually give an unsatisfactory consumer experience, associated with inadequate UV and glare protection and dodgy reliability.

And looking for clip on sunglasses on the high street that actually fit is normally a frustrating waste of time.

Why you need to look for optical quality clip on sunglasses

If you buy top of the range Visionaries clip on sunglasses from Eyewear Accessories Ltd, you are guaranteed superior optical quality polarised lenses that will outperform prescription transitional lenses for glare protection and versatility, and at a fraction of the price.

Premium quality Visionaries clip on sunglasses give genuine UV400 protection, high performing polarised lenses, and sturdy construction.

superior clip on sunglasses

They are by far the most effective and versatile solution for driving and sports such as golf and fishing if you wear prescription glasses.

And they help you keep the cost down of buying prescription glasses, especially if you wear expensive varifocals.

With 11 years' experience of specialising in delivering high quality clip on lenses online, Eyewear Accessories Ltd have been able to ensure that the experience of choosing the right clip on sunglasses and getting them delivered straight to your door is much easier than trying to buy them on the high street.

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