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Expert advice from our Dry Eye glasses specialist

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Our experienced Dry Eye Glasses specialist, John Waddington can give you fitting advice in either of the following ways or a combination of them, whichever suits you.

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Phone appointment

John can provide advice over the phone on choice of moisture chamber and protective glasses and sunglasses. If you have a specific query, for example, about delivery, sizing, or which colour of lenses to choose, he can answer it promptly for you.

Helping customers over the phone

If you are looking for more general help about which glasses to buy, John will ask you to describe your symptoms, explain when they are most acute and outline for me the various situations in which you will be using them.

During the phone appointment, he will seek to identify the size and shape of glasses that are most likely to fit you. Also, if you need prescription lenses, he will ask you to provide details of your optical prescription so that he can advise on which frames can accommodate your lenses.

John can also help with other queries over the phone. For example if you have a question about the progress of your order, or obtaining replacement eye cups or spare parts.

Email support

If you are based outside the UK, or if it’s more convenient for you to contact us online, John can give you email support. This may range from answering short, specific queries such as choice of lenses, stock availability or delivery time, to more detailed enquiries about choice of glasses. Contacting us by email is the fastest way to get an answer.

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In person consultation

If you prefer to have a face to face consultation, we can offer a 45-minute appointment for a fee of £30.00. The fee is non-returnable and is payable when booking the appointment.

The consultation gives you the opportunity to get expert advice on which particular models of dry eye glasses will best suit your requirements and to try on the glasses to see which are the most comfortable and well fitting. The fee covers our time during the consultation and also cleaning up to Covid-secure standards all the glasses that you have tried on.

John will help you to narrow down the selection to those glasses that are most suitable for your daily activities and needs (for example protection from wind, dust, or pollen, or dry eye relief at home, when travelling, or at work).

He can also confirm whether prescription lenses, if required, can be accommodated in specific frames and also assess which eye cups ft your face most closely, so that you can achieve the maximum protection and relief.

Eyewear Accessories s licensed as a main distributor and dealer for 7eye AirShield and Ziena Eyewear glasses. You will have the opportunity to buy your chosen glasses at the time of your visit.

How to book an appointment

The first step is to email us requesting an appointment and saying the approximate date that you want to have it. We will then come back to you with available time slots and a link to pay the consultation fee.


While we have world-leading expertise on moisture chamber glasses, we regard them as a valuable self-help method of coping with dry eye syndrome.

They are not intended to be a cure, though they can significantly improve your quality of life. We recommend that you have your condition monitored by a trained ophthalmologist.

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