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Enjoy walking on Dartmoor even when the wind blows

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When you're visiting the highest pub in Southern England - the Warren House Inn - you really appreciate having windproof glasses

This famous Inn stands at 1,425 feet at the top of an exposed ridge high up in Dartmoor. I went there on Sunday for a coffee and one of their famous flapjacks and then walked over to Hookery Tor and back.

Warren House Inn on Dartmoor

It was a lovely sunny day, but I had forgotten how windy it was in Dartmoor. I was very pleased to be wearing my Ziena Kai which has a protective eye cup that seals around the eye sockets, blocking the wind from all sides. My eyes felt comfortable and protected and did not water at all, despite the cold wind.

Ziena Kai gloss black

My Ziena Kai is not only ideal for rambling in Autumn and Winter, but it has many other uses throughout the year.

In the spring it keeps the pollen out of my eyes, stopping them from itching. In summer it keeps my eyes moisturised on hot, dry days and keeps the dust out. And because my Kai has light-reactive lenses, it doubles up as sunglasses, keeping out glare from all angles, due to the tinted lenses and protective eye cup.

Resting after a walk to Hookery Tor

  • Why not try a pair of Ziena or 7eye AirShield glasses and enjoy walking in the wind throughout the year?

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