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Enjoy al fresco dining without the itch! This year. Every year.

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The recent spell of warm, sunny and dry weather from early morning through to dusk has been perfect for eating meals outdoors. This is summer at its best!

But it comes at a price for hay fever sufferers. The weather has brought very high grass pollen levels right across the UK and for many that means itchy, streaming, sore eyes when you are outdoors.

There is a simple way to enjoy the outdoors without the itch! It does not involve taking any drugs. It is perfectly natural. And it lasts year after year.

Hay fever sunglasses keep out the pollen and the sun's glare

Yes, I am talking about hay fever sunglasses. That is sunglasses with a soft, flexible gasket behind the rims that acts as a barrier or shield to filter out the pollen.

 pollen shield on Ziena sunglasses

And they do much more besides keeping the pollen out! They shield your eyes from the wind, from the sun's glare, and from sand and dust.

AirShield pollen shield

In this photo, I am wearing my trusty Ziena Kai photochromic sunglasses while eating breakfast outdoors. It is still going strong in the fourth year since I started using it. And for me, itchy eyes are a thing of the past.

wearing sunglasses with a gasket to keep out the pollen

So if you want to stop the itch this year and future years, a pair of hay fever glasses is a worthwhile purchase.

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