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Dry eye disease becoming more common in children

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It is estimated that 1 in 5 of adults in the UK suffer from dry eye disease, and this number is set to increase with the rise in the viewing of mobile and tablet screens.

Previously thought to be mostly a disease that occurred in older people, it is now becoming clear that younger people, even those of school age are suffering from this debilitating condition.

Professor James Wolffsohn, Aston University said:  “Dry eye is traditionally considered an old person’s disease, but we are increasingly seeing it surface in children. This is likely because of prolonged screen use, which makes us blink less and speeds up the rate our tears evaporate."

Aston University have developed a mobile app that enables GPs to test children and adults for dry eye syndrome in doctors' surgeries. It is hoped that this will give a clearer picture of the incidence of dry eye disease nationally.

Eyewear Accessories have increased their range to include kids' moisture chamber glasses. We have a range of suitable models designed for children aged 11 and over.

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