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Don't let dry eyes ruin the summer!

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If you suffer from dry eyes, the summer can be an uncomfortable time. If you go outdoors, the sunshine and warm, dusty wind can soon dry your eyes out, leaving them sore and maybe itchy too.

person suffering from dry eyes

If you stay indoors, your eyes can also dry out quickly, depending on the environment. You will encounter many places that are air conditioned, such as supermarkets, offices, car and airplane interiors. Air conditiioning dries out the air, making your eyes dryer and sore.

The answer is to wear moisture chamber glasses

You don't have to suffer dry eyes in the summer - in fact at any time of year - if you wear our moisture chamber sunglasses / glasses.

They have a discreet and comfortable gasket on the inside of the frame that stops dust and pollen from entering your eyes and reduces tear evaporation, so your eyes remain moist for longer.

dry eye sunglasses

We have three ranges to choose from

  • 7eye AirShield and Body Specs are wraparound sunglasses that offer protection from wind, dust and pollen
  • Ziena Eyewear are more like normal glasses, suited to wearing in the office.

The best way to understand which range is most suited to your needs is to read our Product Overview.

If you need assistance, email us at or call us on 07999 023 152.


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