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Do you wear glasses? Here are our recommendations for the most useful accessories

eyewear accessories glasses accessories spectacle accessories spectacles accessories

Having to wear glasses all the time is a pain! I know, I've been wearing them for over 50 years. There are certain circumstances when they really let you down. For example when you arrive in a shop in winter time and the lenses fog up. Or when you drop them accidentally on the ground. Why do they always land face down and scratch the lenses!

We have selected some of the most useful accessories for making life with glasses that bit easier...

Clip on sunglasses - from £21.99 >>

clip on flip up sunglasses

An affordable and practical alternative to prescription sunglasses. Our clip-ons have optical quality polarised lenses so you can be sure that glare from the sun is minimised. Flip up sunglasses are particularly good for driving because you can adjust them quickly when you go through a darker patch of road.

Clip on blue light filter lenses - £26.99 >>

blue light filter clip on lenses

An affordable and flexible way to give your eyes protection from blue light emitted from digital screens just when you need it. Also makes the glare from the screen less harsh which is calming for the eyes. Our blue light filter lenses are also good for reducing glare from car headlights.

Anti-fog lens cloth - £7.99 >>

antifog lens cloth

Simple and quick to use, each application will provide 48 hours of anti-fog and protect your lenses from smearing and dust.

Silicone ear grips - £2.99 >>

ear grips positioned on the temple ends of glasses

An inexpensive and easy to fit accessory that can make a big improvement to the way that your glasses fit. Rests behind your ears, keeping your glasses comfortably and securely in place without them slipping down your nose or falling off.

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