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My Ziena glasses are the only thing that makes using a computer viable

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Hello, I'm one of the directors of Eyewear Accessories. I'm also a dry eye sufferer and I spend most of my working day in front of a computer screen.

Me wearing my Kai glasses

Three days ago, I left my Ziena Kai dry eye glasses in a pub where we had stopped for a coffee. As a result, a I have been wearing an ordinary pair of specs when sitting in front of my PC screen.

My dry eye symptoms were noticeably worse without the Ziena glasses

Unfortunately by not wearing my Ziena glasses my eyes got really sore.

sore, dry eyes

Without the Kai, my eyes have felt really dry and sore and my vision has been blurred. I only managed about 20 minutes between screen breaks when wearing normal specs.

What doesn't help is that it seems that the dryer my eyes are, the more fixated I get on the screen and blink less and less. You may find the same happens to you.

This morning, I was able to collect my Kai glasses from the pub and I've been wearing them all the time since. It's made a dramatic difference.

Wearing my Kai has been the only thing that makes computer work viable for me

Before lunch I was really struggling to use the computer at all.

Now that I've got my Kai glasses back and am wearing them in the office, my eyes have been much more comfortable - much less dry, less sore, and my vision is less misty and blurred.

This experience has really given me a clear and powerful demonstration as to just how good Ziena glasses are if you suffer from dry eye. I can honestly say that wearing mine has been the only thing that makes computer work viable for me.

If you find that your eyes get dry and sore through computer use, and it is affecting your comfort and productivity in the office, you should definitely try wearing these glasses.

You can try out the glasses for a day or so to see if they work for you

If you order Ziena glasses from Eyewear Accessories, you are welcome to try them for a day or so before deciding whether to keep or return them.

In this time, if the glasses fit you well enough to create a moisture chamber effect**, you should experience a significant improvement in your dry eye symptoms.

Your eyes should feel more comfortable, and you should be able to use your computer productively with fewer interruptions.

If you were previously putting eye drops in very regularly, you should find that this need lessens and you'll find that you only need apply them now and again.

woman wearing Ziena Verona glasses for computer work

**If the Ziena glasses you ordered don't fit you well enough to create a moisture chamber effect, please call or email us and we can arrange an exchange for a different sized pair of glasses.

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