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Coming soon! A wireless device for relieving dry eyes and eye strain

eye massager uk Renpho eye massager

Over the past 13 years, Eyewear Accessories has built up a strong reputation for bringing innovative therapeutic devices to UK consumers suffering from dry eyes and related conditions.

Soon to be introduced to our product range

Now we're pleased to bring you the Renpho Eye Massager - rated consistently in reviews as one of the best eye massagers in the UK.

It delivers a soothing 15-minute therapy session to your eyes that includes gentle heat and optional massage and the facility to play your own relaxing music tracks through its built in speakers.

Renpho eye massager

Initially, we will be offering the Renpho to customers in the UK and the Channel Islands but international consumers can contact us via email to get a quote for shipping.

Renpho massager put to the test

Like all our products, our staff have been trialling the Renpho before deciding whether to introduce it to our customers.

I suffer from dry eyes and am currently experiencing eyestrain and double vision from cranial nerve damage. I found that after each Renpho therapy session, my eyes felt noticeably more refreshed and moisturised and my vision was crisper.

On that basis, we have ordered our first batch from Renpho massagers which is due to arrive on or around 20 May.

The Renpho Eye Massager is not for everybody, but if you are suffering from mild to moderate dry eyes and eyestrain or migraine, it's definitely worth looking into.

Priced competitively at only £55.95

We will be selling each Renpho eye massager for £55.95 (plus Tracked 48 delivery within the UK of £5.99).

This is the retail price set by Renpho UK for the version of the Eye Massager with a remote control that we are selling. Believe me, the remote control makes using the device so much easier!

We will be giving you a choice of two colours - white or black.

Renpho eye masssager in black colour

woman wearing Renpho eye massager

At under £60, the Renpho is much more affordable than the Blephasteam. Also, unlike the Blephasteam, the Renpho massager does not need renewables, so you are saved an ongoing cost.

Look out for my review of the Eye Massager

Look out for my review of the Eye Massager next week in which I will let you know the benefits and disadvantages that I have found (as a dry eye sufferer) after using the product twice daily over the last two weeks.

Based on my experience of using the Renpho, I will also make suggestions as to who it is suitable for and who it isn't.

Why buy your eye massager from us

There are numerous benefits of buying the Massager from us. These include:

A much better user guide

I am writing our own User Guide on the Renpho in plain English, which will also contain my own tips on getting the most out of the product.

This guide is so much more user-friendly than the manufacturer's guide and will be available exclusively to our customers buying this Renpho product.

Buy from an authorised Renpho dealer

We buy our stock direct from Renpho UK, so it is guaranteed to be new and and unused. Buying from us guarantees you excellent service and ongoing support. We will be selling each unit with a one year manufacturer's warranty.

Combine your order with other dry eye relief products

Eyewear Accessories offers the dry eye sufferer a unique range of trusted and tested products that provide natural, drug free, non-invasive alternatives to eye drops for soothing dry eye conditions. Our products are best used in combination for effective ongoing relief throughout the day and night.

Our range includes moisture chamber glasses and hydrating sleep goggles

Order your Eye Massager from us and combine it with other products from our store to save delivery costs.

Would you like to be on our emailing list for updates? 

If you would like us to email you when we publish our review and also when the Eye Massager is available in our store, please contact John at Please give your name and contact phone number so that we can get back to you promptly.

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